A life after cancer

A life after cancer

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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We want to change our local environment by offering women that have suffered from mainly breast cancer a place where they can heal, strengthen and relax after all that they have been going through. Our philosphy is that we give something to these women, by offering them the Belle&Balance programme. The women on their turn will give somehting back to society too in any way they good. In that way we try to change our local environment a bit, and our participants on their turn try to change their environments a bit. Which can be in any way you can think of.
In any case, with our foundation Belle&Balance we will start this change movement by giving the women an opportunity to restrengthen after all treatments they had and bring them back into society.

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The existing treatment of cancer does mainly focus on treating the illness and not much on the consequences and insecurities that remain after months, sometimes even years of cancer treatment. Especially for younger women that are confronted with breast cancer, the world may seem totally different after all the cancer treatments. With the Belle&Balance programme we bring together all loose elements that already exist, such as yoga, workshops and massages, and bring them together in 1 re-integration programme that has been established and is specifically pointed on younger women that suffer from breast cancer. Also, if you compare what our foundation does in comparison to the existing after-cancer-programmes that are offered by the hospital, our programme can be seen as very innovative. The medical programmes that exist for former cancer patients are still focused on either a patients' physical/medical status or their mental status. That is, you only fit into the existing programmes if you are mentally or phiscally weak. Whilst there is a large group of women that feel good physically and who don't have aserious mental problems, but still they feel that the illness has changed their life dramatically and they want to give meaning to their new life, body and sometimes even personality. In order for this group not to fall behind as a result of which serious mental illnesses could be created in the future, Belle&Balance is there to give meaning to everything they have gone through and to the their new ways of life.
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Our foundation Belle&Balance is a non profit organization that tries to help former cancer patients, especially women that have suffered from breast cancer, to re-integrate in society by offering them a programme that focuses both on the inner strength of the patients, but also on their outside. We try to strengthen their inner strength and also to make them feel beautiful, strong etc. again after all the treatments their had and after losing all the securities they had in their life, because of the cancer. Perspectives may have strongly changed, boh career and family wise. Life may feel different, their energy has in almost all cases completely changed after the intensive treatments and their body may be mutilated. That's were we come in. Belle&Balance offers them a 4 month programme after their treatments. In the 4-months' programme, we come together every 2 weeks and combine yoga, creative / physical / mental workshops and massages. All of this together with maximum 9 other women. After the programme, women should have get to know other sources of inspiration, energy and company, that they perhaps didn't know about or weren't aware of. We try to offer these women a helping hand when it comes to their re-integration in their work, family and social life.
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Cornelis Anthoniszstraat 53

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, NH

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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The women that unite with Belle&Balance all come from the same backgrounds where we come from. We are all higher educated young women that were totally surprised by the fact that they were hit by cancer. All these women are looking for meaning in their new lives, and want to make the world a better place themselves too, because they are all really greatful to still be alive. By offering them a programme that is for free, we try to inspire them to do something back for the world as soon as they are ready for it. The world in our case is still very local. We operate our foundation from the city of Amsterdam, but could extend our activities to other regions in the Netherlands. In order to help more young women and thereby indirectly more other people.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

One of the founders Lotte Wieland suffered from breast cancer when she was 24 years old. She found out she had breast cancer only 10 months after her mother died as a consequence of breast cancer.
During her illness, but even more after all the treatments, Lotte found out that she didn't fit into the existing programmes, because they were all pointed at older and less fit women that suffered from cancer. Having spent more than a year of her life in the cancer research centre, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, in Amsterdam, Lotte recognised that there were many more younger women too that suffered from the same disease as she did. All of them complaining about the lack of after-cancer treatments for younger women like her. That was the point in which Lotte started up the foundation Belle&Balance, together with her partner Sharon de Beer. By seeking other means that can help - and even more important that appeal to young women - Lotte and Sharon made up the Belle&Balance programme, in which a combination of Yoga (that has been specially created for breast cancer patients cause they can't move their bodies as flexible anymore as before) creative / physical and coachings workshops and massages comes together. Helping the women to restrengthen, relax and give meaning to their past and future.

Social Impact
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Our project is measured by evaluation forms that are filled out at the end of a Belle&Balance sequence. We measure the following issues:
1. if the Belle&Balance programmes meets up to the expectations
2. If the programme does really contribute to re-integration

We have been successful with our last groups. All the participants valued the impact of Belle&Balance to their lives as really important and necessary.

How many people have been impacted by your project?

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101- 1,000

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In the next months we will become a foundation that cannot only organize 3 groups every year in Amsterdam, but we will extend our activitities and fully cover the Netherlands with the B&B activities.

Task 1

We need to find a place in every region where we can come together

Task 2

We need to increase the foundations' incomes

Task 3

We need to find volunteers in the other 4 regions in the Netherlands

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

In 12 months time we would like to be a part of the existing after cancer treatments, so that the Belle&Balance programma will be assured.

Task 1

We need to visit the hospitals in 4 other regions in Holland

Task 2

We need to discuss our foundation with the insurers

Task 3

we need to improve our measurement standards and scientific background

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Within the next 3 years Belle&Balance will have captured a place within the existing after-cancer treatments, that are already being assured. Not only will we then be able to support women in the Amsterdam area, but women from all over the country can benefit from the Belle&Balance programme.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest hinder so far is our legal construction and the way we organize it. Everyone involved with Belle&Balance support the foundation by volunteering. In order to continue Belle&Balance and expand it, we should improve our fund raising.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have made some partnership with hospitals in the Netherlands, but also gyms, suppliers of healthy shakes and food and volunteers that run their own coachings, yoga, workshop or massage businesses.

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Friends and family are benefactors.
Individuals that help us with gifts.
Business that help us with gifts and provide us materials and other things we need.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

By making it a part of the existing after-cancer treatments
By making it a part of the existing assicurations for after-cancer treatments.
By promoting the foundation in more regions in the Netherlands

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Lack of physical access to care/lack of facilities


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The Belle&Balance programma combines both physical and mental health after cancer. Furthermore, it also prevents women to get serious mental illness problems.

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The expansion in the host country has been planned for the coming years.

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