100 Safe Schools against sexual abuse

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100 Safe Schools against sexual abuse

Heliopolis, Egypt
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
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There is a clandestine acceptance of child sexual abuse. Amazing how we train kids in schools thru fire drills and earthquake drills, yet we do not have a sexual abuse drills.Not Guilty needs $100,000 to reach 100 schools in 2014 with anti sexual abuse awareness &training of kids, teachers & parents

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

A UN Women study states that approximately 1 out of every 4 females and 1 out of every 6 males are sexually abused before they reach the age of 18, which is a shocking figure to most Egyptians A UN Women study states that approximately 1 of every 4 females and 1 of every 6 males are sexually abused before they reach 18.The problem of sexual abuse has never been tackled in a structured and focused manner due to the culture of shame.

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Not Guilty developed a structured strategy by which to address all actors involved through education and media outreach. She has developed various tools to educate and train children, parents, teachers, and social workers in addition to spreading knowledge about the topic in the media. First, Not Guilty developed a three-pronged curriculum: one tailored for children, another for parents, and a third for social workers and teachers. There are separate books for girls and boys; one for ages 4-9 and another for ages 10-14. The curricula for parents, teachers and social workers were written entirely by Laila Risgallah. Additionally, she has developed a “Training of Trainers” manual. Not Guilty started a Safe School Initiative
Impact: How does it Work

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S is a 22-year-old girl who came 4 counseling suffering from fear. Her fear was extreme and uncalled for.She remembers her father unannounced getting into the bathroom while she bathed and if she tried to cover herself with the curtain, he would tear it off.As she came to counseling, she realized that she felt rejected. At the end.We started working in counseling with her inner child and as we finished infancy, she wrote a letter to her father who was dead telling him all her feeling. Through counseling she realized she is Not Guilty.She is now a wife with two children. After recovery,she went through training of trainers and is now one of the sterling trainers in schools, teaching kids how to say NO and how they are NOT Guilty.

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Last month alone (June 2013) we reached 10 nurseries with over 550 kids. Since school is out, we use summer to train in nurseries. During the school year from September 2012 to end of May 2013, we concentrate on schools.. Schools take longer time as we do kids each class on its own and if the class is too big, we split into two, teachers, and social workers, parents. 2013 reached: teachers: 55 Kids: 550, teen girls: 470; parents 350; Trained 23 trainers. 2012: 540 Sunday school leaders from 50 different churches; trained 615 parents; 300 teen girls, 15 trainers. 2011: printed 3000 Not Guilty books(boy) and 3000(girls) for kids 4-10 trained 3658 people; set up website, Facebook and twitter account; filmed 23 TV awareness episodes . Future plans include helping schools write reporting strategies and safety strategies; connecting with other CSOs to help; reaching 10 schools monthly.

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Not Guilty relies mainly on donations either from board members, employees, individuals, other CSOs or foundations. WE are in the process of reaching out to companies who serve the community and are interested in children and women. Book sales are also a source of income, so is training of trainers. Training others to do the same thing we are doing is one of our biggest ways of going viral. Creative income generating projects are under way.

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There are several CSOs addressing this problem, but Not Guilty is the only one that works in prevention. Most other CSOs work either in reporting or after the event happens. UN WOMEN is doing 5 safe cities against sexual harassment: but this works on sexual harassment not sexual abuse. Harass Map works mainly on reporting online, with adults. Emsek Motaharesh:works with adults and in populous areas. Nadeem Center:works mainly on rehabilitation of victims of violence. Not Guilty is different because it is bringing up a generation of kids, teachers and parents that refuse sexual abuse

Founding Story

I have been ministering to youth for a long time. My youth TV show is reaching millions. I met a lot of youth who struggle with sex addictions, pornography addictions, sexual identity issues, no boundaries..etc. As I counseled them, I realized that many of them have been sexually abused when they were children. On a trip to SOuth Africa, I met a lady who was sexually abused when she was 4 yrs old by her grandfather,then raped at 11 and raped again at 14. Today she is recovered from all her pain, shame, hangups and habits. I decided that day to have a nationwide campaign in Egypt against child sexual abuse realizing that there is hope and there is recovery, that sexually abused persons do not need to live their whole life in shame or guilt


Isn't it amazing that we teach our children how to protect themselves against anything: fires, earthquakes, accidents.. but we do not teach them how to protect themselves against sexual abuse!!!Not Guilty for Family Development needs to reach one million kids in Egypt within the next 10 years. Any ideas? How can you help us? We need trainers, finances, curricula, excitement and perseverance.