Agency for Development of Broumov Region

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Agency for Development of Broumov Region: PLAY Broumovsko - Supporting Freedom and Regional Development Through Art

Broumov, Czech RepublicBroumov, Czech Republic
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Play Broumovsko aims at developing a rural region and changing its atmosphere, connecting well established interactive exhibition, space of a former spinning mill provided by the key employer of the region, contest aimed at promoting regional products and services, and NGO sector of the region.

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People around us will understand that they do not have to go to big cities to find great projects and the joy of creating and freedom. It takes
About Project

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The Broumov region is an area wounded by the expulsion of Germans after WWII and the isolation and distance from bigger centres (cities). Researches show lower economic activity of the people due to the lack of positive thinking that it is worth to start something. Although in comparison with other, more structurally deprived areas, the region is successful, scepticism regarding the possibility of successful development prevails in the society.

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With strong local support, our NGO has been supporting culture and quality of life for 8 years. We feel we do a good job since local people do not mention the lack of culture and leisure time activities in researches any more. However, they still do not connect their future with the region. Play Broumovsko is our latest attempt to embrace all of our ideas in a bigger project , unique in the region - to organize in a small town an exhibition established in big cities, connect it with a contest aimed at regional products and services to enhance the knowledge about local activities, involve the biggest local employer. We believe that we can show that pursuing dreams is possible even in our hometown. To boost courage. To be an example to follow
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Thanks to the support of one of our sponsors, all childern from the wider region are welcome to visit the exhibition free of charge. There is about 90 thousand childern in the wider region (and only about 8000 in Broumov region) and we expect at least 50 thousand childern to visit the exhibition during the coming 12 months. The exhibition has met with great acclaim so far. We have heard people mentioning that such exhibition has opened in Broumov and we are convinced about its positive inpact on togetherness. The exhibition stimulates creativity, fantasy and active involvement because the exhibits literally come to life by the visitors' actions.

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We believe that up to 8500 people from the Broumov region will visit the exhibition and that 4000 of them will get involved in the game. It is built on the idea of local multiplication and motivates people to spend their money locally. Local businesses taking part in it are taught the same principle - paying for services locally is crucial for the local economy. Visitors of the exhibition will get to understand how important one's activity is in changing a static piece of art into a living one, co-created by the visitors. Showing the strength of regional cooperation is very important. Many people from outside the region will visit the exhibition, see the region in a positive light which will raise the self-confidence of the region. The exhibition is an opportunity to start deeper cross-border cooperation in culture and education. First reactions of approached Polish partners are positive

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Play Bromovsko is the newest project, an experiment trying to accelerate effords to improve the quality of life in the region. It is, by its size, a unique project that can support other genre programmes and show it to the greater audience and thus promote the ambition and preparedness of the town and the region to develop. It is in fact a message that the region has succesfull businesses prepared to invest part of its profit back that thanks to this, it is possible to engage in daring projects aimed at developing values like freedom, creativity, courage - even in cross-border scale.

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The greatest challenge is to keep it useful The major advantage of this project and other projects we are engaged in is local funding - from local companies and municipalities. Funding is based on multiple sources - other sources are grants provided by private foundations, government and international companies and also our own commercial activities, for example running a social entrepreneurship - printing company or an educational centre.

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Regions with lower self-confidence due to the history, remote regions etc.

Founding Story

The founder of our NGO, Jan Školník, came to the region to pursue a business opportunity in 1998. He is a director and co-owner of a local business. He felt a wider responsibility of companies for the environment they exist in and also their dependency on it. He got other local business owners involved in the idea of a successful region and under his leadership, Agency for Development of Broumov Region grew into an institution with many projects in culture, education and environmental protection. We organize a music festival, run a modern art gallery, look after a cultural monument - monastery in Broumov and we can implement challenging project like Play Broumovsko. Jan Školník became the Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 in the Czech Republic.


Jan Soucek, director Marketa Hanusova, manager projectu Kristof Karwowski, authorized person for cooperation with Poland Bozena Karlikova, comunication with schools Viteslav Tuma, technical support