ArogyaUDHC:Healthcare to all using social network & med-learning

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ArogyaUDHC:Healthcare to all using social network & med-learning

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Elevator Pitch

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ArogyaUDHC(User Driven Health Care)platform is an web based care-giving,collaborative,medical learning platform enabled by social network to connect patients & his/her care giver who have inadequate access to quality healthcare,with health experts & physicrians regardless of geographical limitation.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

For Below Poverty Line(BPL) & Uninsured population:1.Low qualified doctor to patient ratio in rural area & urban slums,2.High-cost for specialist consultation,3.High-cost & frequent travel for Chronic diseases,specifically in rural areas.For Middle Income population, 1.Same as above & 2.Drain them financially causing them to go below poverty line.For Rich population, though cost may not be an issue,but multiple options of healthcare confuse them.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Our solution is a web based,social-network enabled, empathy driven, medical learning platform which uses "evidence based practice" aided by a novel delivery model of telemedicine.In this approach patient’s & her primary care physician(PCP)s input forms the foundation, which is processed in the physicians network dispersed globally & finally the treatment solution(s) are presented to the patient & PCP, who can be a registered medical doctor(Allopath & Alternative medicine) or minimally trained registered medical practitioners (RMP, known as Quack). In absence of PCP in certain rural areas, we have deployed a local community health worker who can follow-up the treatment plan under the (tele)guidance of an ArogyaUDHC network doctor.
Impact: How does it Work

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1:A poor patient from Mathabhanga village visits his PCP in city for a chronic disease. The doctor advises him to be in touch with a local Community Health Worker(CHW). 2:In the same area a popular Homeopath doctor(alternative med) requires western medicine opinion for certain patient. 3:In a slum in Kolkata,a Quack,needs expert opinion,as his patients cannot afford high-costs of specialist visit. 4:Finally a patient,who can afford,but confused with multiple Healthcare options, seeks out the right course of action. The case history is entered by the care-seeker,which is anonymized for privacy & then electronically discussed among the network aided by evidence & predictive algorithm.The final output is presented to the care-seeker.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

ArogyaUDHC is different from other telemedicine services,which excludes poor & draws mid-income patients to urban centers,resulting in costly treatment & draining them financially.Our goal is to bring quality healthcare at the doorsteps of ALL by enhancing the existing, local healthcare delivery & care-providers among poor population (PCP,Quack,AYUSH,CHW).Secondly,as a network of independent caregivers, ArogyaUDHC will provide treatment options & referrals based on patient's socio-economic condition,avoiding any conflicts. In Mathabhanga out of 150 cases(6 mo) only 20 needed referral to a city center where the treatment has been done at minimal cost. ArogyaUDHC will enable all citizens to take control of their health,will increase healthcare awareness & reduce disparity in Public Health enabling India to move towards an Universal-Health-Care system, which is abundant,safe and inclusive

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Using volunteer model where individuals are volunteering with the primary motivation being learning & feel-good factor.For other operational costs, we are planning to provide some value added service to the patients at a reasonable cost. Few of these services are: one to one telemedicine, personal health record repository, emergency medical service & geriatric care in certain cities.Finally,grants & donations from public & users of the system.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Though not comparable, but the closest solution is telehealth services,which often exclude poor & drives patient to city for costly treatment.Only few serves the poor.But they replaces the local healthcare delivery & when they can't sustain,the system collapses. ArogyaUDHC is NOT going to replace but enhance the existing healthcare delivery by training & guiding local healthcare providers. At the same time this is a learning platform for med students & physicians. Finally,it is an unique platform where patient is so much engaged that they continue their journey (electronically) after cure.

Founding Story

The primary inspiration for this innovation is the following two publications ( & (, which shows that electronic information to the patient can improve health-outcome and a web-based, user-driven (User includes patient, medical students, physicians) learning solution can use the information generated in practices by the users to turn it into valuable evidence for treatment. Success of patient case history discussions in email groups & facebook group convinced us further in this model.