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New York City, États UnisIran
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The project is Berim means let's go in Farsi and our mission is to help unlock the potential of change makers in Iran to serve.

About Project

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The rise of technology has also led to some incredible organizing innovations. These innovations have focused on aligning technology with the ability to create change. This model of organizing has brought us organizations such as Avaaz, MoveOn, GetUp, and 38 Degrees use the power of technology to create change. Between them these groups have engaged millions of people worldwide, ran hundreds of campaigns, and created phenomenal change. The challenge with this model is that while successful in western democracies, it’s hard to translate to countries such as Iran. Due to the more oppressive political atmosphere the concept of online organizing is in many ways unsafe in Iran.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We want to solve this problem and build on the model so that we can help bring its incredible potential to create change to countries that need it the most. By evolving the model, we can not only help unlock its potential for Iran -­‐ but also for countries such as China, Syria, Burma and Tibet. We know that by creating a successful model in Iran, we will create the foundation that others can use to build similar organizations around countries that face severe government suppression.
Impact: How does it Work

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We’ve inspired over 150,000 people to take action to support diplomacy with Iran. We brought together Win Without War, Credo,, Just Foreign Policy and Peace Action West to do a joint delivery at the US mission in New York so that the administration was aware that over 100,000 people wanted the US to speak to Iran. We helped over 7,000 people push Rachel Maddow to clarify the impact of sanctions on change makers. Within a week, we spoke to their Executive Producer about our concerns. We’ve generated over 12,000 phone calls to the house and senate to encourage them not to undermine diplomatic negotiations with Iran. We held a National Day of Action with dozens of events all around the country. Berim supporters headed to their Senator’s offices to deliver petitions. Here are some photos: We were selected as one of nine organizations that received a $25,000 grant as part of the New Media Ventures Innovation Fund. We created a thank you letter for Harry Reid that received over 30,000 signatures Sean, a veteran and father of four delivered that thank you card to Harry Reid’s offices in Los Vegas.

Founding Story

was born in Iran, grew up in Australia and moved to the US to start In Australia I worked for GetUp and was at the forefront of cutting edge campaigns around refugee rights and climate change. However after reading news stories about war with Iran being about 'when' not 'if' I realised I had to act. I moved to the US and started to support people in Iran who are trying to create change.


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