Better water access for Palestinians in the West Bank

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Better water access for Palestinians in the West Bank

Tulkarem and Jenin, Palestinian TerritoryTulkarem and Jenin Villages, Palestinian Territory
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The Palestinians living in the West Bank suffer from water scarcity ;even if it rains well most of the rain does not reach the underground water. The idea is to create a large reservoir (in the areas with most rainwater)to collect the rainwater ,treat it and distribute it to the households.

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What if heavy rain is no longer a threat to the Palestinians but instead becomes a blessing by buiding a reservoir
About Project

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The Palestinians living in the West Bank suffer from water scarcity because of two main reasons;the occupation controls most of the water resources and the climate change. However,in some years the rain is good but most of the rainwater does not reach the underground water. Instead it accumulates in open areas,get polluted and turn into a swamp.Some households have wells but many don't;in the summer they have limited access to water.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

to construct service reservoirs underground in mountainous places likes Nablus and elevated in flat areas like Tulkarem.Rain water will be collected and treated to be distributed to the surrounding households.The reservoir will be built in the area where most rainwater collects and causes torrents which becomes a threat to the people and their properties.So this will save the people from the torrent and instead of all the water being wasted it will be used by the public.
Impact: How does it Work

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Tulkarem suffers from disasters during winter because of the bad drainage for rainwater which causes torrents that kill people and destroy properties.On the other hand during the summer there isn't enough water for the people.So when this reservoir is constructed it will solve two problems in two different seasons.It will not eliminate the problem but at least it will reduce the risk of disasters and increase the access for water.

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The projected future impact is to have better access to water during the summer and make use of most of the rainwater especially in heavy rain seasons.Also if this project is successful it can be copied to other areas in the West Bank like Jenin, Hebron and Ramallah

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The budget of this project would be actually high.However it will solve a problem on the long run.less money will be spent by the government and people on maintaining properties destroyed by torrents, less money will be spent by the public on purchasing water during the summer.

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Many NGOs in the West Bank address this problem and try to solve it but on a small scale.For example the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations builds cisterns and wells for farmers.This solution will not serve individuals, it will serve a whole community.Also I read that the occupation doesn't give permit to build a reservoir but I think if this is done inside the West Bank no permit is needed.

Founding Story

The Palestinian community has many problems that need sustainable solutions.Unfortunately most of the externally funded projects are not sustainable.So when I saw the Unilever Sustainable living contest I was like this is what Palestine needs.And the major problem here is water scarcity.Many people in the West Bank complain about not getting water all days during the summer and sometimes they wake up and there is no water.At the same time last year came heavy rain and killed two young girls in Tulkarems!So when Palestine is considered to enjoy more rain than London how come we have suffer water scarcity.I tried not to interfere in political issues when addressing my idea.


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