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Seoul, South Korea
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Every day we wake up and walk to the bathroom to wash, walk to the kitchen to eat, walk to the room to get changed, walk to work, walk to supermarket to buy stuffs, walk to meet friends and people, and walk to exercise.

Walking. This seemingly common and small action done on daily basis seems really trivial to many people. However, there are people who cannot do such daily and regular activity. Thus Bigwalk has decided to give special meanings to our walks so that we can share with those who cannot.

Bigwalk is a free application which enables smartphone users to donate by walking, a daily life activity. Just by starting the application and walking, the users can donate 1 won per 100m.

First, Bigwalk starts out by helping out the amputees. Amputees in Korea are increasing at a rate of 25 people per day, adding up to 8694 amputees per year. But leg prosthesis is highly expensive even with the government’s financial support. Thus Bigwalk wishes to provide amputees with safe and high quality artificial legs with the donations collected.

Bigwalk wishes to create a new business/donation platform where giving and donating is part of every day life.
Bigwalk wishes to open up the opportunity for the public to be aware of the significance of small sum donation.
Bigwalk wishes to achieve and make things possible by putting meanings into walking, a small and everyday behavior.

Bigwalk wishes to share by walking.

"Walk to Give - Bigwalk"

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

There are currently about 180,000 amputees in Korea alone. The number is constantly increasing: 25 more amputees per day, 725 per month, and about 9000 per year. Amputees are people whose legs are cut off and cannot walk. Most of amputation is acquired by car accidents, anti-personal mind, and frostbite and so on. Thus amputation many times brings amputees to desperate situation causing psychological trauma. For these people, there are prosthetic legs, also known as artificial legs which could help them to walk again. However such legs are highly expensive: lower leg prosthesis costs 5,500,000 won and femoral leg prosthesis costs 8,500,000 won. Because of the exorbitant cost, even private sectors are unwilling to help out amputees. Not only the cost but many people are unaware of the seriousness of the sufferings that amputees go through. In fact, according to one research, only 192 out of 735, about 26.2%, heard about amputees in Korea. Lack of awareness is also a crucial problem. And yet, there is no effective organization or government support to help these people out. Many are avoiding the problem because of the high cost of artificial legs. Many do not even recognize the problem. More importantly, amputees are problems in many parts of Asia. There are over 500,000 lower limb amputees alone in Nepal, most suffering from a loco-motor disability. Of them, about 90.5% suffer from economic problems as well.

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Bigwalk helps amputees by a free application where users can donate just by walking. For every 100m, 1 won is collected and directly donated to the amputee via Korean Walking Association, one of current partners. The donation money comes from advertising services or products related to walking and health. Bigwalk does not have a specific targets. However, Bigwalk hopes to expand throughout the nation and eventually around the world so that the size and speed of donation can increase and more amputees can be helped out.


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