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LAGOS, NigeriaLAGOS, Nigeria
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Elevator Pitch

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Tracka being built by BudgIT is a social platform of active citizens who are interested in tracking budgets and public projects in their community. Layered on open data and also integrated with existing social media tools, this platform will bring people of common interests together.

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About Project

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Having worked on engaging the citizens with budget documents and providing access to citizens, a key challenge is to close the loop of governance. Citizens have access to the budget but have not been able to track the projects. This gap is about to bridged with a social network of active citizens that track the budget.

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Tracka is based on the need to use public projects tracking as a basis for social interaction. In a society where citizens share video, photos and other content on the web, Tracka provides an opportunity for citizens with a community to share information regarding a public project.
Impact: How does it Work

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Contrary to present approach of budget monitoring sites which is basically led by CSOs, Tracka by BudgIT allows citizens to login via existing social media portals and share to the friends on the project tracking. This also has an interface to connect to institutions via email notifications on the comment regarding a project. Citizens can now invite friends to track when projects are located and ask questions on when funds were released and deliver progress report on how the actual project is going. I believe this might have a challenge of civic apathy especially for citizens who do not previously organise themselves around public projects.

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TThe expected impact of the project (Tracka by BudgIT) when it is launched in January by BudgIT is defined below: 1. Widen citizen information about budget priorities on a national and sub-national level and get them to collaborate for efficient delivery. This is geared to bbuilding a social experience on the public project and raise civic participation. 2. Stimulate demand for open data in local communities through Nigeria’s budget access and performance monitoring. 3. Build local developers and traditional media awareness of existing open-source tools for visualisation, outreach and engagement. 4. Drive institutional feedback by allowing citizens talk to whoever is responsible.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

In the short term, our focus is on hybrid income of grants and paid revenues. We plan to run a sustainable organisation with core focus on providing bespoke software solutions and creative communication capacity building to organisations in Nigerian corporate and governmental establishments. We are currently discussing a bespoke software version of Tracka for WestMinister Foundation for Democracy that allows social tracking of gender projects.

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Contrary to present approach of budget monitoring sites which is basically led by CSOs such as iwatchlive.org, Tracka allows citizens to login via existing social media portals and share to the friends on the project tracking. We are building this application to integrate into the social experience of our users and drive engagement and extensive feedback with it.

Founding Story

BudgIT, currently developing Tracka, was founded in 2011 after Oluseun Onigbinde who was stuck in the bank for three years without not being promoted believed there more be more to do for his society. Oluseun Onigbinde decided to begin a platfrom the tracka and analyses public data and effectively uses it for the public good. BudgIT has led the Nigerian budget access and tracking project in Nigeria. We have a leading civic technology group in Nigeria that has used bespoke technology tools to improve budget access via infographics and interactive applications. Over the last two years of our operation, we have connected to over 142,000 unique Nigerians and also shared budget access documents to underserved communities without digital access.


Tracka by BudgIT is about creating a functional market of citizens and public institutions around public projects and ensure that service delivery is improved. This innovation within the organisation is about developing a social network of active citizens who use ICT tools to drive open governance.

With the ability to use web, mobile web, apps and sms, citizens can have a focal point of tracking public projects and report on-the-ground performance to institutions. This will allow them to reach out the exact institution that is responsible for the project.