Building the 22nd century social networking.

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Building the 22nd century social networking.

Tabriz, Iran
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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If we want to have a smarter tomorrow, if we want to reform our education system, we must get smarter in sharing information and change the way we interact with data. ISN will connect the reality of life to our digital life and integrates our voices with information at its best.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Current social networks, despite being so popular and connecting billions of people, are not smart enough. Their smartness is limited to advertisement targets and fidning people who users may know. This type of social networking is a developed form of late 20th century networks. We need something more intelligent to identify our needs, detect our talents, and share them with us and with anyone we wish.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Our life has changed once by social networks, it has to chage for another time by intelligent social networks. Our education must reform, our social communities need more reform, our life must be more intelligent than today. Intelligent social networks can bring smartness to our life and change the way we share information. Intelligent social network (ISN) can be a seperate thing or it can act like an advanced plug-in to current social networks. Suppose it as an app for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, WP, etc. that has an internal voice recognition system (or it can integrate with Apple's Siri on iOS) that can recognize keywords in people's speech by their permission. A powerfully designed algorythm will transform the keywords to readable tags, derives related data of each tag from the Internet (i.e. Wikipedia), converts them to richly formatted contents, and share them with us and the people we select. ISN will have many applications in various fields. From education to government intelligence, from ordinary people who sit around a table and talk to professional designers, ISN is the solution for a smarter tomorrow.
Impact: How does it Work

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A teacher takes his iDevice (i.e. an iPad) to his class and opens ISN as an app on it and puts it on the table. The class is going to be about Solar System and the Planets. The teacher talks about inner planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, and tells students that he will speak about the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, etc.) in the next session. The teacher talks about Mercury and Venus that have no moons, Earth with a moon, and Mars with two potato-like moons. At the end of the class, there's a well-designed article (text, media, infographic, etc.) on every student's email inbox with the highlights of all topics that were discussed in the classroom. ISN, that already has email addresses of all students in the class, has sent them the email. The email contains two different PDF attachments: one for the inner planets that is more detailed, and another for the outer planets that is less detailed because it is going to be discussed in the next session based on teacher's decision. This not only reforms our education system, it can be applied to any other sector.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

ISN can either be a raw platform where developers can develop specific programs for different needs, or it can be a signle product adjustable to different conditions. Its marketplace can also be individual users, enterprise companies, governments, and many other places.


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