Bus to the Future

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Bus to the Future: Enhancing University of Liberia Students Transportation

Monrovia, LiberiaMonrovia, Liberia
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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This project seeks to engaged the transportation constraints faced by University of Liberia Students when commuting from Monrovia to the University campus at Fendell, outside Monrovia and provide employment opportunities for Liberians.

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What if there is an increase in the limited buses available for students to commute to classes and reduce the violence in fighting for buses and
About Project

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The University of Liberia has more than thirty thousand students and there are limited buses to commute students to its newly relocated campus outside Monrovia. The limited buses available creates huge transportation constraints; creates violence among students and also cause academic deficiency which has led to a huge number of students placed on probation and might be dropped from the University.

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There is a need to build a partnership with the already strong student government and make available additional five twenty-eight seated buses to minimize the transportation constraints and enhance the students life in their academic sojourn. The buses will generate income and dividends can be used to promote other student programs. This will improve student efficiency and create job opportunities for students
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When these buses are provided, the students will not have to stand in long cues under the blazing sun as it is currently done. Violence among students to board a bus will be reduced. There will be efficiency in students attending their classes; the probation rate will drop. This project will also create job opportunity for Liberians.

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There will be