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Calypso: Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Alexandroupoli, GreeceAlexandroupoli, Greece
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$100,000 - $250,000
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A multifunctional farm which will offer resources and services conducive to sustainability through formal and informal education on organic agriculture, soil conservation, biodiversity and gastronomic research and development.

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people were able to experience the science and culture of olive cultivation in a relaxed farm environment?
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We propose the creation of a Research, Training & Innovation Center for the Ecology & Biodiversity of Olive Cultivation. Both local and international visitors will be able to visit the farm and experience a connection that will connect the land with their plate. The farm will feature a kitchen and a restaurant, a laboratory and teaching facilities and will also be open to other farmers from Greece and internationally that wish to learn about the benefits and methodologies of organic agriculture, soil conservation, biodiversity and gastronomic valorisation of the olive. Traditional products of local small farmers will have visibility in the menu and small store.

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Current sales of organic extra virgin olive oil and olive products ensure that the company operations break even at an annual basis. This includes cultivation costs, modernisation of farming equipment, participation in international events, promotion and market education. The establishment of further on-farm infrastructure and the development of more services will aim to diversify revenue sources and create jobs.

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Calypso is the first certified organic olive oil produced in the region of Makri, Alexandroupoli, Greece. As pioneers farmers in the region applying best production practices, we aim to be a model for other farmers to follow our vision which focuses on quality and respect to the Earth's resources.