Chayanov's Center

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Chayanov's Center

Kirov, RussiaKirov, Russia
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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This idea is based on the Chayanov's teachings,the essence of which is the gradual transition from the family farm to the creation of enterprises for processing,storage & marketing of products,the purchase & maintenance of equipment,procurement of fertilizers,seeds,breeding work,the credit business

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What if you combine the hard work of family farmers and the technological innovation of industrial enterprises?
About Project

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Long-term asset turnover in agriculture, different cycles of economic and financial - is a high risk. Business, seeking to reduce risk, not demonstrated active investment initiatives in agriculture. A popularization of advanced management practices on a farm, support of small business - it is not only the problem of employment, but also to preserve the traditional way of life of the villagers.

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Provide an opportunity for sustainable development is possible through increased social capital.For this plan to create educational and counseling centers that will focus on information support of small business in rural areas.At the center will work School social entrepreneurship.In the list of services it will be to advise and teach new agricultural technologies on the basis of educational and demonstration areas.This is a replication of the project Permian businessman Vyacheslav Gorelov "School of farmers ",which is supported by the V. Alekperov's fund "Our Future".The project envisages the construction of agro-town for young families,selected on a competitive basis and trained in special programs.
Impact: How does it Work

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Agro-town - is 6 sectors for the production of agricultural products and the training of future heads of farms. In the sectors of agro-town, in addition to educational and industrial buildings, farm buildings and agricultural land , plans to build a guest house accommodation for engineers, consultants, teachers, students and tourists. 1 sector: Business plan "Rabbit akselerat " 2 sector: Business plan "Honey Pavilion" 3 sector: Business plan "Quail Farm" 4 sector: Business plan "BIOHUMUS" 5 sector: Business plan "Mini workshop" 6 sector: Business plan "Meristem" Further possible development of such areas as medical and health tourism, pre-sale preparation of medicinal herbal plants for use in homeopathy and food production for food.

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Currently, the unemployment rate in the Kirov region of 1,4 per cent, the implementation of this program will reduce this level and a significant amount of young professionals will find work and realize their potential in business. As a result, the project is expected to assist the young citizens in the organization of their self-employment and in the replication the results of the project to other regions

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The project is self-sustaining, on the 2nd year will switch to self-financing In addition, the planned creation of an information office. Information Office will work in the format of a business incubator, and the duration of training will depend on the development of innovative projects by young authors: - the stage of formalization of ideas (up to 1 month) - the stage of research, business planning (6 - 12 months)

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Nobody implements the such projects in the Kirov region