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New Delhi, IndiaNew Delhi, India
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Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences. is common citizen's answer to the scourge of missing children in India.
Every year in delhi alone an estimated 900 to 1000+ children go missing.Of this 35 to 40 % are recovered or return on their own.
The rest are lost for ever.
The site is teh ans.

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To Find Every Missing Child On Earth. Where Every Missing Is A VIP lost!
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Children get lost in india and nobody cares. Records are made sketchy. Investigations are lax. People responsible for security and search of the missing children don't care. They donot even preserve the photographs of the missing submitted by the next of kin. Once lost a child is certainly not to be found by the proper authorities.

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What if every child was a VIP. If we looked for every little lost soul as if he or she was our own 'Young Lama'. Every lost child was looked for and searched as if he is the most important asset of the country. Create a mass movement where general public is networked to search the lost child. Use the digital medium and its capability to share information an pursuance messages instantly without a large cost. Use the petitioning technique to make the authorities lookup and take notice both at local and national level.