Conservation corridors in the tropics:

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Conservation corridors in the tropics:: reconnecting life

Santa Marta - Bogotá, ColombiaSan Vito, Costa Rica
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Conservation corridors are among the best strategies for saving biodiversity and improving human well-being. Connecting biodiversity and human needs for sustainable and science-based decisions will likely improve the conditions of our planet.

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What if we ensure human and biodiversity well-being?
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Protected areas, the stronghold of biodiversity conservation, are isolated, and communities surrounding these key areas are on low living conditions. This means, low benefits from nature and losing our greatest resource basis.

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Reconnecting conservation areas by sustainable solutions, territorial planning and strategic alliances will benefit by providing connections for biodiversity, expanding our current conservation schemes, and benefiting people for improving well-being and providing sustainable livelihoods.


Diego Zárrate-Charry I. Mauricio Vela Vargas