Creative Arts and Group Counselling

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Creative Arts and Group Counselling

Harare, Zimbabwe
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Children and youths in Zimbabwe are at the centre of a social, economic and political crisis. The status of the country has seen many children being raised by working parents, single parents or grandparents. The moral fibre has been withered by the immoral behaviour being propagated in the media. This has left a lot of children without parental guidance. Schools have been left with the role of raising and educating children. Due to the fact that they are institutions of learning, most of their teachings are education curriculum oriented. As there is no all-inclusive parental guidance and attention, children are confused and prone to peer pressure and experimental behaviour. The generation of children and youth of today have low self esteem and poor decision making attributes. Furthermore there is a lot of cult initiation and following in both the traditional and advanced technological area. Young people are being initiated into this demonic cult at a tender age through music, clothes, internet or traditional cults.
The Peri urban areas are no longer safe for any child, worse for girl child. They have become dangerous and destructive to the physical and psycho-social development of the girl child. There has been a sharp increase in prostitution, teenage pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted infections, and abuse. So a girl child in this set-up is very exposed and vulnerable. A lot of ill informed decisions are taken due to Peer influence.

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They are also in need of positive engagement, counselling creatively and spiritually so that they can break away from the cults as this is affecting their lives. It is hoped that through Creative Arts and Counselling a positively contributing citizen to society can be moulded. The project will scale up the current recreational activities at the institutions, so as to counsel the children and youths.

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Creative Arts and Counseling are methodologies that assist young people to find their own solutions to psychosocial issues using creative ways. People are helped to explore other alternatives and encouraged to tell their stories through creative means, in order for them to get totally immersed in the healing process. The process triggers inner cords, which then initiates the process of gaining confidence and self esteem. Once one is on the journey of gaining these, the process of healing commences. Due to the fact that this process is experience based, the individual is able to continue on the journey of healing without a counsellor leading him or her. Creative Arts and Counseling ultimately aims to reinforce positive behaviours, develop newly recommended behaviours and or change risky behaviours in target groups. The Solution Focused Approach is based on the belief that behaviour is changed in order to overcome problems. It is personal strengths based. The process usually involves a 10 lesson programme for the participants. The sessions are 2 ½ to 3 hours long. ! Hour is for activity and another is for Group discussions. Creative Arts and Counseling ensures that the participants gain the following experiences. • Insight into major advantages of interacting in a positive way in daily life, • Knowledge on how to interact in a positive way in daily life • Become motivated to put new knowledge into practice in daily life •Gain in confidence and self-esteem
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The creative arts and counselling concept is also practised under different “brand” names. Some of the brand names are the concept of Social Circus (Cirque du Monde) and the philosophy of the Circle of Courage. Rufaro mainly uses the Circle of Courage philosophy in carrying out its activities. It focuses on Generosity, Mastery, Independence and Belonging. The following activities are used 1. Drumming of drums and use of music in self expression without reserve 2. Poetry writing and counseling on emotional issues 3. Acrobatics with group counseling concerning setting and obtaining goals in life 4. Urban Dance classes and group counseling on confusing norms for social behaviour 5. Theatre, Movement Classes and Artistic Expression as a therapeutic Tool 6. Capoeira Classes and group counseling on successfully interacting in life 7. Puppetry for group counseling on social conflict 8. Cartoon work and group counseling on problem solving 9. Dog care behaviour, communication and training classes as a counseling tool

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There a number of agencies in the country that offer counselling, but basically this is for individual counselling. This idea of creative arts with counselling is new and has no competition at the present moment. Those who engage in Creative arts, only do so for recreational activity.


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A child growing up in a orphanage or vulnerable and has access to all the needs, can grow up and not integrate into society well. There is need for one to be counselled and guided to overcome trauma experienced earlier.