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Slatina, Romania
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Currencymeeting is the simplest way to exchange your currency with others near you.
Once you start using currencymeeting you will not pay taxes and fees for your exchange.

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Nowadays I see that everyone wants to save money.

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Because everyone loses money when exchange their currency, I decided to create a site where people can exchange their currency with others. They can negociate amount of money that should exchange.
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I did research on the internet and I couldn't find a kind of this website. For example: If somebody want exchange 10.000 Dollars in Euros, will pay a fee of approximately 200 Dollars. Backwards if someone want 10.000 Dollars and has Euros, will pay approximately 150 Euros for this exchange. Both will save 200 Dollars + 150 Euros.