Dazin - to take care with ownership

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Dazin - to take care with ownership: Dazin ( take care with ownership)

Thimphu, BhutánThimphu + all rural communities, Bhután
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$250,000 - $500,000
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Dazin aim for every Bhutanese household using smoke-less, reliable and affordable residential energy for cooking and heating purposes.
Using an inclusive business model with fuel-side approach, we lease the stoves to members for free/fixed deposit and generate revenue by selling fuel cookies.

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you see open firing cooking only in museums by 2035 ?
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Globally 2.9 billion people in developing countries still use traditional fuels to prepare food on open fires. The smoke from open cooking accounts for 11,780 deaths every day across the globe almost 3 times compared to AIDS mostly women & children. Bhutan is the highest firewood per capita consumer in the world due to the residential energy requirements in rural areas. Today Bhutan depends 100% on India for limited import of 700 tons/months foss

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Dazin exists to provide a sustainable solution for this complex global problem and to inspire others for the same. Dazin manufactures and distributes fuel cookies as sustainable, reliable and affordable fuel in Bhutan. We provide them for FREE in rural areas, and at below market prices in urban areas. We foresee open firing cooking only in museums by 2035. Dazin sells only ONE product: clean burning Fuel Cookies for cooking and heating purposes that can be used by every citizen in Bhutan, Everyday.