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Design by Pana: Socially sustainable business, that produces furniture from reclaimed wood.

Tirana , AlbaniaTirana , Albania
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Design by Pana is a furniture design and production company. Providing up cycled furniture from reclaimed wood .We employee people from marginalized groups

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we grow globally and could employee 500 or more people, and save about of 1 million trees per year?
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Albania is a small country where from more than 20 years the industry of production is missing and all the needs of the market are accomplished from the imported production. There is a gap of design and possibility of choices due to the fact that the market is furnished from almost the same providers. Unemployment is in a large scale and nature is underestimated.

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After a 6 month period of market study and surveys we decided to create Design by Pana on November 2013 as a social enterprise that would be providing her own designs, interior solutions,furniture and accessories production, by up cycling reclaimed wood , old pallets and garbage. We have 3 main rules in our business: To have our own designs and production. To employee people from marginalized groups. Eco friendly.