The Disposable Project

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The Disposable Project: A photography project involving 9 kids in Tanzania and 100 disposable cameras

Outat El Haj, MoroccoMoshi, Tanzania
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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< $1,000
Project Summary
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The Disposable Project is a volunteer-run social enterprise based on the photographs produced by 9 Tanzanian youth with 100 disposable cameras. With this project, we are hoping to contribute to the promotion of education and the arts, as well as a push for sustainability in a deserving country.

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What if 100 disposable cameras could help facilitate access to education?
About Project

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While there are various immediate, underlying, and structural factors when looking at the education in the Kilimanjaro region, the main issue is child vulnerability. For many rural families, having their children migrate from their homes to urban centers to seek employment is the only resort to make end's meet. This "solution" is enhanced by the lack of enforcement of child labor laws, as well as the lack of access to education.

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TDP is rooted in the power of art and photography toward social development. Our mission is to increase investment in the youth of this community through them receiving a quality education. Through the sales of the books and prints, we hope to remove barriers to learning by providing financial assistance to an on-the-ground educational program, Born To Learn, so that children acquire the skills they need to thrive. While doing so, people also receive a book/print that was produced through the photographic lenses of 9 Tanzanian youth, depicting what they chose to document and exploring their values and culture.

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The Disposable Project is hoping to ensure financial sustainability through the sales of photographic prints and the photo book, which was just recently launched.

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While there are several mentoring organizations, as well as projects using visual media as a tool for empowerment and social good, in my findings, one thing that is distinct with The Disposable Project is the focus between a refined sense of visual communication to help remove barriers to education. Since the project was initiated out of a shared passion for photography, the carefully curated images photographed by the kids are surprisingly intimate and serve as documentation of what they chose to remember, depicting their values and culture. Through their own work, we are finding a solution.