Druk Waste Collection

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Druk Waste Collection: let the environment thrive

Paro, BhutanBhutan, Bhutan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Proper Household Waste Collection in Paro Town, Bhutan, through distribution of dustbins and public awareness: Towards behavioral and attitude change.

About Project

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MSWM is always a big problem to Paro city. With the increase of the population, our people generate about 30 tons of solid waste in a day. 4-5 truck loads (15-20 tons) of the waste are disposed in the new land fill in Pangbesa, Paro every day. Rest of the waste are littered, dumped into the pristine Paro River or burnt, only to create an eyesore and pollute the air respectively.

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Environmental Protection that Benefits the Poor The MSWM through waste bin distribute project strives for maximum waste recovery through composting, recycling, and reuse, and aims at zero waste to be disposed onto dump-yards and landfills. The long term objective is thus to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste.

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The project will be implemented by DWC with the support of stakeholders (as mentioned in the past section). The activities will be a mix of support in kind (dustbins) and advocacy on waste management through multimedia mediums (posters, banners, jingles, jokes, street theatre performances, awareness programs etc.). If possible we will organize a debate on waste management on National Broadcast Television Channel