Eltern AG (Parenting Community)

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Eltern AG (Parenting Community): Peer-to-Peer Parent Support Groups

Berlin, Germany
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$1,000 - $10,000
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What if parenting groups could improve childhood development?
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In Germany, socio-economic background determines future success, with lower-class children suffering pervasive disadvantages in their education and later lives. Already exposed to a higher risk of violence and parental neglect, children from working class families enter the school system more prone to emotional instability, poor performance, and family trouble. Without confident parents willing to ask for help, these children - almost 2 million - fall through the cracks, generation after generation.

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Believing in importance of parental involvement, Eltern AG establishes community-based, self-help parenting groups for lower-class, less educated working class families. By offering tangible incentives to participate, Eltern AG encourages typically wary parents to become part of its network of best practice parenting. The program moves from basic parenting issues to personal parenting problems, developing a trusted community in which parents can learn, share, and explore. By incorporating doctors, teachers, and government officials into its network, as well, Eltern AG facilitates an entire community dedicated to supporting parenting.
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Since its founding, Eltern AG has trained 80 mentors, resulting in 100 parenting schools that have reached 1,000 parents and 2,500 children. Its training schools have shown remarkable success, 75% of parents remaining involved and 65% maintaining contact with other parents. Moreover, the vibrant Eltern AG network has facilitated growing relationships in the community, parents feeling more confident reaching out to local doctors and teachers to discuss their children's well-being. With a strong support network, working class children perform better in school and improve their life prospects tremendously. Such success has motivated Eltern AG's expansion, spreading networks through Eastern and Western Germany, as well as growing the target population and developing peer-to-peer training modules for students.

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While organizations for disadvantaged students' achievement often focus on student programs, Eltern AG develops a support network for parents from working class backgrounds. Facilitating parental involvement, Eltern AG encourages its participants to be confidently engaged in their children's education and well-being. With its peer-to-peer programs and extensive network, Eltern AG ensures parents have the proper confidence and resources to positively support their children's development and growth.