Empowering Jordanian women economic rights

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Empowering Jordanian women economic rights

Amman, Jordan12 governorates, Jordan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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The percentage of women participation on work force in Jordan is only 14.7%, the unemployment for Jordanian female is increased in 2012 to reach 21.7% comparing with 10.4% for male. In addition to that the rate of unemployment for women has increased to 21.7% comparing with 10.4% for male.

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what is the challenges of wage differentials removed, what if the women has the right to work without social norms or other cultural barriers ar
About Project

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Jordanian women does not have the power to decide on her behalf to issues related to her economic status like to the work field, to obtain legacy, to spend or use her own money or other financial resources and assets.

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1- To increase around 250 of Jordanian women about their economic rights through awareness campaign by the years 2014 -2015 . 2- 100 men to value women economic contribution to her family members or to her community through education sessions through the year 2015
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Hold a mapping exercise for previous CSOs effort on economic women empowerment helped to produce a lessons learned document on defining best practices for new advocacy program related to empower women economically gathering implementing actors (NGOs- government department) and will include activist leader women and organizations.

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250 of Jordanian women (from all governorates) became aware and recognized to their economic human rights on Social Security Law, Labor Law, Personal Status Law amended year 2010. 250 Jordanian women became aware about discriminated or non discriminated laws in regards to their economic rights. # number of working women obtained her economic right at their working place. # number of working women obtained her economic right at their families (parents, husbands) 100 men gained knowledge on women economic rights 100 men changed their attitude to respect women right to work 100 men committed to support women owning properties

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the project will contribute to produce a national comprehensive lessons learned document which contains successful models of interventions with women, best opportunities and practices on designing advocacy campaigns on policy level and awareness raising sessions or services. this is the first national initiative in Jordan. the project activities are designed on participatory approach as it will target all relevant actors especially men and youth.

Founding Story

Sisterhood is a Global Institute is a non-profit organization operating in Jordan, it has established since 1998 by a group of Jordanian women for women. SIGI-Jo mission is to activate, respect and protect women rights at all levels. SIGI-Jo has designed its strategy for the years 2012-2014 with two key components, the first is to educate and promote Human rights based approach and the second is to provide insurance actions that grant women rights. SIGI-Jo is implementing several specialized programs under those two components in: a. Advocacy b.Capacity building on human rights and legislations related to women rights c.Informative and legal support to individual violence women