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Entropy Homes: Live the change you wish to see

Hamilton, New ZealandNew Zealand
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Entropy homes wants to enable people to live the change they wish to see. Buy a home..support local jobs..support research and development of new, greener ways of building homes..support a student in their studies and support a future where small compact homes are affordable and 100% recyclable.

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Each small home built could provide affordable housing, support a students studies and act as a step towards a greener building industry?
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The ideas for sustainable, affordable houses are out there but the change is slow and requires funding. meanwhile, housing in New Zealand is becoming increasingly expensive, with houses currently costing at least 3-4 times median annual household incomes, and at most 6-7. Potential homeowners either can't afford to buy a house or are renting in houses that are bad for their health. sprawling and unsustainable

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Entropy homes would build small, relocatable homes, from local products, designed as close to 'cradle to cradle' sustainable principles as possible. The building of the homes would provide local communities with jobs and provide an alternatives to current expensive housing options. The profit from the sale of the homes would be re-invested into the community in the form of scholarships. These scholarships would fund university students to undertake research around generating products or processes for the building industry - along 'cradle to cradle' methodologies. The findings of such research will be assimilated into the design of Entropy homes, to help create homes which are affordable and sustainable.

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This project requires initial financial input in order to construct the first Entropy Home. From thereon in, it is intended that profits from the sale of homes will be reinvested into further homes, from which the profits can begin to be used to fund the scholarships. It is intended that Entropy Homes will work as both a functioning business and funding body, in a sustainable manner.