Equity Working Environement for disabled people

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Equity Working Environement for disabled people

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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$1,000 - $10,000
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I create the job suitable for disabilities by enter to the market a natural products which are improved from the aroma therapy base on traditional herbal boiling pots. Our products are: anti-pollution masks, herbal at pad with coarse salt, zen pillow, zen cushion, aroma sachets, natural shoes deodorant, herbal dog bed. Most of production process are hand-made. We can employ many type of disabled people, disable in legs or arms or intellectual disabilities.
All herbs material have to prepare very carefully and eliminate all branches which are still longer medicinal value.
As our core of activities is making value from the vulnerable people, from scrap materials.... I would like to create a sauna service to serve low income people, who have to hard working for their family and most of them have to face to bad environment, where cause to threaten to their health. This service will give more job to the blind and deaf. Besides, through this activities, we can introduce to our objects a new method of health care of qiqongrememo - This is an effective method with a low cost of health caring.

I would like to get an investment to execute this for using the scrap of herb taking care to low income people as well as giving more job for diasbilities.