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Ethio Info Desk : Ethio Info Desk

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Ethio Info Desk was started after identifying access to information as a key challenge in Ethiopia. Despite the increasing number of internet users there hasn’t been a media platform that really up-to-date.As a result we are working to build effective information platform.

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What if we could improve people lives with information
About Project

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Access to information in Ethiopia is very limited for the following reasons internet connectivity,internet censorship,few online information providers.As a result people miss lot's opportunities,deadlines,offers and updates that could have improved their life easily.

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Currently there approximately 2 million internet users in Ethiopia and 1.84 million of them are using facebook as a result we would like to integrate and remain highly visible on social media as well as web platform by providing information.
Impact: How does it Work

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For instance the number one ranked website in Ethiopia is Dire Tube with 600,000 facebook followers but these page and it's website is mainly intended for Entertainment and News which is not quite effective in building information archive as a result if we could invest in the social media and get many followers we could easily shape the Ethiopian internet users as updated citizens on information that can change their lives.

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Our plan is to become the number one website in Ethiopia that can reach almost all the 1.84 Million


Melikte Paulos is co-founder of Ethio Info Desk and she is webadmin,social media manager and programmer for Ethio Info Desk