Forum for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship

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Forum for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship: social entrepreneurs breeding

Lahore, PakistanLahore, Pakistan
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Forum for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (FASE) is a unique platform in Pakistan that identifies people in order to target, train and utilize them for developing a skilled set of social entrepreneurs who can make and implement social enterprise business plans that have social impact.

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graduated youth participate in developing social enterprises and revolutionize the Socio-economic development.
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Unemployment, underutilization of graduates in current job markets and economic insecurity have emerged as major problems in Pakistan that have hampered economic growth. The under-utilization of the most productive members of the society results in losses to the economy in the form of non-exploitation of their intelligence, capabilities and talents which can be employed to boost up the economy and the society.

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A platform that can educate, inspire, and empower graduated youth about social entrepreneurship, invite innovative social enterprise ideas, build business plans and use them as road maps to facilitate the rapid generation of successful and sustainable solutions to a wide range of issues. Moreover, the use of funds is required to be rationalized and the people controlling resources must be convinced to give social business plans an opportunity which will ultimately direct capital in a logical and predictable manner to organizations that demonstrate the best performance and have greater social impact. Its strategy is simple - attack the problems in local communities, engage at-risk youth and local/foreign impact investors, and come up with so
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Currently, FASE has started piloting in Sheikhupura and Narowal districts. The forum organizes focus group discussions, workshops, and accelerator program on different themes relevant to social entrepreneurship and sustainable business for promoting the emerging models of social entrepreneurship. Its strategy is simple - attack the problems in local communities, engage at-risk youth and local/foreign impact investors, and come up with social enterprises.