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GARDENES FROM GARBAGE: Compost Methods to Improve Soil Fertility

Acajutla, El SalvadorAcajutla, El Salvador
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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This project aims to improve soil productivity through composting methods, in order to replenish nutrient-poor soils, which have diminished plant growth, increased erosion, and disrupted natural runoff in my rural community in El Salvador.

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Jardines de la Nueva is inhabited by 250 people. In this small community the only soil texture present is clay. Clay particles are the smallest particles in soil, making it heavy and decreasing its aeration. Once it rains, puddles form to produce mosquito larvae. When this soil dries out, it cracks, making it hard for plants' roots to penetrate the soil. These issues have affected our economy, environment, and health.