Generations of Changemakers

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Generations of Changemakers: Dreaming and Changing

Bengaluru, IndiaDen Haag, Netherlands
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The main aim of this training on Dreaming and Changing is to inspire and enable young people both men and women (aged between 20 to 30) to dream and take initiatives to follow their own dreams. The later objectives of this training are to inspire them to connect to the society.

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we can create future from future?
About Project

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One of the main reasons why most young people don’t get what they want is that they haven’t decided what they want or most young people do not know what they want. They haven’t defined their desires or dreams in clear and compelling details. Therefore they can’t really be authentic, creative, and critical and can’t connect to their passion but they start to follow the crowd in general, which will result in leading a stressful life.

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Generations of Changemakers (GofCMs) encourage and enable young generations to dream and to be passionate about their dreams; to become creative, critical and to participate in the process of turning negative realities of societies into positive ones. . We want to support young people through our inspiring trainings and workshops. In our trainings and workshops they can learn new strategies to start realizing their dreams as well as cultivate values into their dreams; thus they stop blaming and complaining but start taking initiatives to change within and out.
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When you know your destination, you will find a way to reach there. If you are lost take a break and reflect and also change your strategies to reach there. When your soul know what you want, your mind will figure out the strategies and body will take actions.

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Specific expected outcomes When an individual knows the destination, s/he will find his way to reach the destination. However we want to set up a process of excitement and inspirations for them to enjoy their journey to the destination. This process will help them to define their needs, dreams in compelling details and take initiatives to change the negative realities around them. Therefore the clear objectives of this training program are: 1. Young people will learn Why? What? How? to Dream and follow their dreams 2. Young people will learn new strategies to start realizing their dreams 3. Young people will start adding values in theirs’ dreams


Bharath Nataraj