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Home Planning: A website for home/office styling and interior design

Yerevan, Armenia
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Home Planning, the first of its kind in Armenia, aims at providing professional assistance to interested individuals, organizations and/or institutions for designing their apartments/offices themselfs.

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What if the all products in the shops, that are selling construction/renovation materials, will be in your computer?
About Project

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There is an increasing number of people who would value professional assistance in styling and designing their houses and apartments, as well as getting a good picture of the materials available in the market for renovation, but have insufficient financial means or want to do the home styling and design themselves.

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We will help to: Find and select your desired materials without leaving your apartment; Preorder the materials on-line and pay for them later in the shop; Be updated on new arrivals in the market; Get on-line consultations from professional designers; We provide on-line portfolio for both designers and simple users; A comprehensive (growing) on-line database of the Armenian market products.
Impact: How does it Work

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You are at the shop and find a beautiful wallpapers for your dinning-room. Will it fit with your sofa/curtains? You find a great washstand for your bathroom. Will it fit with your bathtub/toilet?

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In our website you can upload the plan of your apartment, insert height of the walls, mention the positions of the windows and doors, etc. The website also will give you 3D image of your apartment. You can choose the color of the walls, the wallpapers, the bars and the sanitary equipment in the bathroom/kitchen, the parquet/tile, furniture, etc. Also you can choose the supplier where your desired product is.


Mihran Babayan - CEO, Co-Founder. Winner of Employee-led projects competition announced and sponsored by the Orange Foundation in 2012. Tigran Voskanyan – CFO. Finance specialist with thorough knowledge in audit, finance analysis, reporting, budgeting and finance control. Nvard Shahnazaryan - Art Director, Co-Founder. Huge experience in the interior - exterior designing. Narek Ter-Avetisyan – CTO. Founder of 3 companies.


Some or the other way we always think of renovating our home or other places like office, restaurant, etc. It depends on what we need to change at our home. Renovation can make a change in the look and style of home. It may cost money but for that best option is to try contact the experienced contractor who can guide you properly about home remodeling. Your ideas shared are also useful, thank you. I usually do a web search for home renovation through which I new windows and doors are very useful for safety and security of any place. You can view some additional resources about home renovation and it's styles.