Infollution Zero

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Infollution Zero: Comic Books Inspire Responsible Digital Citizenship

Seoul, South Korea
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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What if children's online programs could promote empathy?
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Children are more digitally connected than ever before, one-quarter of American children going online daily. Spending so much time in the virtual world, children's development of life skills stagnates. Moreover, exposure to negative online content and digital addiction can stunt children's social, emotional, and physical development. While regulations exist, production of harmful content is faster, and children's minds fill with degrading thoughts and images.

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Infollution Zero establishes new ethical standards for young children online, teaching responsible digital citizenship. With its flagship iZ Hero program, Infollution Zero teaches young children ages 6 to 13 the value of courage, empathy, and self-awareness in their digital activities. Using various storytelling and play platforms, including comic books, online and offline missions involving parents, web-based learning games, interactive exhibitions, and children's social networks, iZ Hero is a trans-media experience that reinforces empathy and discipline. As such, with Infollution Zero, young children gain an understanding of how they may act civically in both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ realms based on their own instinctive moral judgment.
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Through its innovative, interactive program, Infollution Zero is transforming digital literacy by developing a cohort of digitally responsible citizens from an early age. Indeed, the first iZ Hero exhibition attracted 170,000 visitors, 99% of whom reported the exhibition had a positive impact on their understanding of digital risk. With such success, the Korea Internet and Security Agency has opened permanent iZ-modeled exhibitions in three cities around the country. iZ has also expanded globally, iZ Hero web content released in English and iZ Hero exhibitions launched in Singapore. To translate its early success into a global movement to educate young iZ heroes, Infollution Zero is also establishing partnerships with US, Korean, and Canadian governments on a global mobile security campaign and UNESCO on Southeast Asian expansion.

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While traditional approaches to digital risk education focus on instructive methods for adolescents, Infollution Zero designs interactive programs for young children, often under the age of 10. iZ's unique age focus allows it to prioritize prevention, rather than invention, by cultivating the values of socially responsible digital citizens. Moreover, by using fun and interactive edutainment instead of offering a stand-alone program with a single medium, iZ Hero is a trans-media experience that reinforces the core values of empathy, courage, and self-awareness in both real and virtual worlds.


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