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JSC “Severstal”: "The non-profit organization “Urban development agency”

Cherepovets, RussiaCherepovets, Russia
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
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The non-profit organization «Urban development agency» is a JSC «Severstal» project in the sphere of corporate charity which performs functions of small and medium business support in a single-industry city of Cherepovets in Vologda region.

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What if the partnership project of business and authorities together with the city-forming enterprise on small and medium business development i
About Project

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The main problem of Cherepovets as a mono-city which has a city-forming enterprise is an underdeveloped small and medium-sized business sector. This causes negative effects on the whole economy of the city. Only small and medium enterprises have the possibility to fill market niches in time as well as implement innovations and therefore immediately create new jobs.

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The Agency creates favorable conditions for entrepreneurial development in Cherepovets.It is an example of successful use of public-private partnership mechanism when the giant company and municipal administration develop a strong support and consolidation of small and medium business (SMB) in the mono-economic city These are directions of the Agency activity: 1)improving conditions for SMB development 2)financial inclusion of SMB 3)property support 4)consultancy and information support 5)supporting SMB in the sphere of staff training, retraining and personnel development 6)entrepreneurship promotion 7)assisting in competitivity improvement and promoting SMB production, developing the investment activity of entrepreneurship.
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The business development is influenced by the innovative project «Electronic business cooperation» which is an integrated information area where large enterprises place their orders for SMB. More than 40 companies of the region participate in the program, over 200 business negotiations had been held, 15% of which had ended with the signing of contracts. In 2013 300 small and medium-sized companies in Cherepovets became suppliers of JSC «Severstal»

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There are about 50000 people occupied in the sphere of SMB, i.e. every 6th citizen. 345 SMB entities have made use of the financial support. The program is implemented by the Agency, the administration of the Vologda region and Cherepovets Mayor’s office. The financial effect in 5 years is creation and preservation of over 4000 jobs, 998 million roubles of taxes, establishment of the Business education centre in which more than 6000 entrepreneurs underwent training. 1429 enterprises with 3555 jobs were created. Over the last 5 years more than 50000 bookkeeping and legal advice services have been provided. Due to the property support entrepreneurs have the possibility to rent offices on favorable terms. Over 130 entrepreneurs participated in the program. In 2013 over 300 small companies in Cherepovets became suppliers of Severstal due to the project called "Electronic business cooperation

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The priority areas of the Agency’s activity are: 1)creation of favourable conditions for the small and medium business development 2)assistance in the business environment development in the city’s territory 3)development of international and interregional cooperation 4)integrated support of social entrepreneurship 5)implementation of measures directed on entrepreneurship promotion 6)cooperation relationships development 7)skill improvement and competence development of managers and specialists of small and medium enterprises 8)implementation of new forms of business support

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The sources of the project’s financing are fees of initiators (Cherepovets Mayor’s office, JSC «Severstal»), attraction of financial resources from both regional and federal budgets, and internal resources of the non-profit organization «Urban development agency».

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There are no similar projects in Cherepovets.

Founding Story

One of the top-priority goals of JSC «Severstal» social activity is working out of mechanisms and tools for the development of a social potential of presence regions and entrepreneurship support development. The implementation of long-term projects is held within the frame of this activity. The Agency acts successfully in Cherepovets where the city-forming enterprise JSC «Severstal» is located. The Agency was created by JSC «Severstal» and Cherepovets Mayor’s office in 1999 to minimize negative social and economic effects of a financial and economic crisis. Today the main project’s goal is assistance in economic development and social stability in Cherepovets.SMB develop and new jobs are created due to this project.


The staff of the Agency has a well-qualified personnel which consists of 18 people. The director is Oksana Rudolfovna Andreeva who has been holding the post since 2005. The team of the Agency is highly professional, it works efficiently with new projects, moves with the times, offers modern approaches to business sector development in Vologda region and provides the whole range of measures for small and medium business support.