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LandsCare: Share your land

Madrid, SpainSpain
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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LandsCare is a guide based on localization that aims capturing the value of our landscapes for the society and for those who work on preserving them. LC provides a personal online travel book to each member, and also a Smartphone App thanks to which each user can register while traveling and indicate the beautiful natural places they visit. What makes this platform unique is that not only does it allow the growing eco-conscious community to share their experiences, but it also offers the most efficient and easy way for all users to contribute to the preservation of their beloved natural places.

LC App includes an online payment system that allows users to enjoy/contribute to preserve natural resources. Funds are diverted to environmental organizations that work on preserving the beauty of landscapes travelers enjoy. This free App is available on any kind of Smartphone. User is rewarded a “Landscare local certification Stamp” for their contribution to the preservation sharable on any kind of social network ( Facebook, Twitter…)
Please visit and download landscare at google play

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every body would share the land they live in order to protect it all together?
About Project

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The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society of London (1992) agreed that if “current predictions of population growth prove accurate and patterns of human activity on the planet remain unchanged, science and technology may not be able to prevent either irreversible degradation of the environment or continued poverty for much of the world”.

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The final objective LandsCare is to change peoples attitude towards nature by sharing it according to the "Environmental Subsidiarity principle" (Martínez de Anguita, Martin and Clare 2014. Environmental Subsidiarity as a Guiding Principle for Forestry Governance: Application to Payment for Ecosystem Services and REDD+ Architecture. Journal of Agric Environ Ethics DOI 10.1007/s10806-013-9481-8 ). We have proposed a model that aims to “capture the economic value of positive externalities” that are produced by places with a high ecological value". thorugh a phone app that provides differetn services to various types of partnership with all entities that benifit from this presevation (hotels, county-houses, restaurants…).
Impact: How does it Work

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There was a beautiful forest near my city. Every week-end thousand of people used to go there. At the end the forest was burn. Everybody enjoyed it but nobody paid for its conservation and the State protection was not enough to preserve it in such a fragil ecosystem such as my mediterranean country. If LandsCare would have existed, people could have paid for using it to a local community that would have organized themsleves to offerextra protection to the forest. We are now in a lost-lost situation that could have been a win-win one if the economic mechanism would have been available before th tragedy.

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1 - Users or community ( parents and children): We hope people increasingly value natural and cultural heritage rural Spanish ( and later global) 2 - . Nature stewardship institutions in general. As a result of that society values most those who conserve and protect both buying stamps encourage them (either through money via payment for ecosystem services, or as a result of the communication between travelers and stewardship instututions). 3 - Local Rural population give visibility to their businesses while promoting participation and the creation of more stewardship partnerships.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We hope to become the first global paymen for ecosystem sevices based on landscape of the world and help thousand of communities and NGOs to capture the economic value of what they protect in order to create win-win situation acoiding market pitfalls that contribute to environmental degradation.

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If we reach a certain number of users we will be able to be not just a payment for ecosystem services but something similar to "the foursquares" of nature (similar to tripadvisor too).. Then we will charge restaurants, hotels etc.. to appear close to a beautiful where tourist go in our platform and app. See and download landscare from google play ( in april also for apple) to see how bussiness appear in LansCare.

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We think that we are the first payment for ecosystem services based on movile apps and specifically based on the beauty of landscape of the world

Founding Story

I was invited five years ago to a REDD+ Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) meeting in Antigua, Guatemala, by the German Cooperation. THey asked me to design a PES system to capture the value of landscape and revert it to poor pesant communities in Central America. I could not find any solution that day. Than night I went with my collegues to have beers and I explained how last year I had done the "camino de santiago" with my family... I went to sleep... At 4am I woke up . My heart was going to explode. I had found the solution to the problem.. I would create something similar to the "Camino de Santiago" based on phone technologies and applied to link rural development and conservation in Central America to international tourism...


Pablo Martínez de Anguita, director and founder. Part time. I work as tenured professor at the university. I have been professor of Payment for eEcosystem Services at Yale University in US and OXford University at UK. LandsCare is the reuslt of many years of research in the PES field. Gonzalo Zulueta. Manager. MBA by the IESE Bussines School. He is the person able to make ideas real with his bussines experience.