Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

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Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre: Dance to the Beat of your Own Drum

Halifax, CanadaCanada, Canada
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, is a program designed to engage indigenous youth in traditional dance. They will learn different styles of dance, make their own regalia, as well as learn traditional songs. Elders will share traditional teachings, and the importance of embracing our culture.

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What if our Indigenous Youth knew the importance of embracing their traditional culture?
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Too many of our Indigenous Youth do not have the opportunity to take part in traditional cultural programming. Many of our traditions are being "phased out" due to systemic racism, inter-generational trauma of residential schools, and lack of resources to provide this type of programming.

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We want to teach our youth to embrace who they are, and where they come from by providing them with positive cultural experiences. We want to teach youth about traditional ceremonies and practices that their ancestors took part in, and educate them on the importance of carrying on these traditions. Dancing is a rewarding experience for anyone, and can really help our youth embrace and connect with their culture and ancestry.