Mobiles For Blood

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Mobiles For Blood

Nagpur, India
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We dont face any challenges. We know one thing that if you dont have passion you cant succeed.

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As you read this a Patient may be critically ill. Whether he lives or dies depends on whether a unit of blood is available. The world is facing an acute shortage of Blood. People have to run from pillar to post to search for blood donors in their own city or some other city where they go for treatment. At times a patient dies for want of blood. In times of Blood Shortages there is no way that Blood Banks can broadcast the shortages of blood to the local community. TV / Radio / Mobile Operators dont help. So there is a need to create a system globally which can help blood banks broadcast alerts for blood and also a system which can be used by the community.

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Did you know you can use your mobile phone as a blood helpline ? It's quite simple actually . Think about this : Every phone has atleast 300 to 400 contacts - most of them your family and friends. Your friends are the first people to help you out in an emergency. So why not tap the power of your mobile for blood and help save lives . When you help others you help yourself so after configuring your mobile into a blood helpline . A mobile App is the solution which then connects you with your friends and relatives.
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A mobile App which can be installed on mobile phone. Here people can receive alerts for blood according to their Country, City, Blood Group and the blood bank closest to their place of work. The Alerts will be broadcast by Blood Bank and they will reach the Mobiles. The People receiving these alert can then share them on the social networks.

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