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New Autocad Projects Drawing Profesional: Autocad block

Year Founded:
Organization type: 
for profit
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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I show you how to create the planning project of the building, fill in the starting data, and also the Levels and the Divisions of the future building will be defined

About Project

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If you would like to create the whole project of a two-story house with Sheets and Annotation, please follow the link and buy my eBook, which guides you step by step (Imperial and Metric version available)
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I hope you enjoyed this part of the AutoCAD Architecture video tutorials series. In the next article I’ll show you how to create the Column Grid of the Building

Founding Story

During this period he got an extensive experience in 3D processing, visualization, gathering volumes and clash detection, as well as the interior design field. These experiences allowed him to participate in design projects ranging from shopping centers, residential complexes, car showrooms, airports, resort hotels to planning tropicarium. He also followed with attention these projects, which gave useful additives for further works. Attila has been an Authorized AutoCAD Architecture instructor since 2008. He's been teaching AutoCAD Architecture software to future architects at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary