New Beginning

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New Beginning : New Beginning

Sana`a , YemenSana`a, Yemen
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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As an entrepreneur my idea will be a private psychological clinic for distorted people who lose their passion of life because of the others mistake. For people that can`t laugh without tears and forget that they are part of us and of community and government forget about them.

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At the end, we will have active war victims with healthy psychological emotion and thoughts that will develop our countries to the best.
About Project

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Yemen is a big and rich country that seeks to achieve strong economy, but one main problem is the weakness of healthcare industry. Since the last three years there were a lot of civil wars happen around Yemen and who really affects by it, are innocent people. What government is focusing in is psychical recovery and how to reduce the number of wars dead but never think about people`s emotions and psychological parts of being distorted.

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As an entrepreneur for this social problem my idea will be a private psychological clinic for distorted people who lose their passion of life because of the others mistake to provide therapy, support, and skills training.
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My uncle was an electrical engineer which was the best thing in his life, and he was full of life and energy. One day a missile hit him while he was setting in his room and hurt him in all of his body. After three years my uncle could walk and speak but his response to events was slow, he has depression, lose the passion of life, feeling involve and important. My uncle can`t work as an electrical engineer anymore because there were some pieces of the missile inside his head that can`t be taking off, so he stays at home and nobody even think about the consequences of his buried feelings. With little support my uncle would be able to find new passion in life and start again.


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Hi Rabaa,

Good job. People usually think about physical deseases instead of mental or psychologic trouble. I wish you all the best and I'm sure your problem will help a lot of people.

Rabaa, thanks for your generous words and supporting all of us!!
All the best with your project, I know you gonna rock it!!