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Mukoko, Congo (Kinshasa)Mukoko, Congo (Kinshasa)
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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It aim to increase number of people in schools to end violence by engaging youth in finding roots of violence, developing commitment to nonviolence & working toward a society where energy generated by conflict is harnessed to engage with social problem in a creative way so good teaching takes place

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people lived in a society where they are able to have confidence in their own and others’ ability to address issues without resorting to violenc
About Project

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Societies with the gap between rich & poor are the most violent. Schools are safe as the community they are situated. We live in a society with high level of violence and crime. The roots include poverty, unemployment, inequality, ignorance, a history of violence, suppression, negative mental attitudes, hopelessness. Violence can be high that it keeps children out of school, with the result that educational opportunity, with all benefits is lost.

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propose to run a 2-day school meeting focusing on leadership to identify 50, teachers and pupils, who will become peace ambassadors and start to run Peace Clubs schools; run a 40 hour Training program on peace education and diversity for teachers to use in the school peace clubs and in their curriculum delivery; produce audio, visual and written material for teachers to use as teaching aids in schools; train teachers to use the diversity materials in their classrooms; hold bi-annual support meetings with the peace ambassadors to monitor progress and help to sustain the initiative; train members in youth leadership and run Alternatives to Violence Project for teachers and learners in the Peace Clubs to reduce the level of violence in schools
Impact: How does it Work

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We will set up sustainable Peace Clubs at participating schools in next 3 years. The peace clubs will be managed by a teacher but run by learners themselves. We plan to do regular interventions about diversity issues and the rights and responsibilities of young Africans. We propose to support teachers and learners who are peace club members, to run an anti-bullying campaign at their schools. We will run a 3-day non-violent schools camp where teachers and learners will work together using both the visual and dramatic arts, to find alternative ways to deal with the violence they experience in their lives. Host a 2-day non-violent schools meeting to exchange ideas in 2014 to which we propose to invite schools from outside of the campaign.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

20 teachers from 10 schools in 2014 will be trained, We propose to set up 10 peace clubs at each of the 10 schools in 2014. The average membership of peace clubs at schools is 30; therefore we will have 300 peace buddies in 2014. An additional 15 teachers as Peace Educators from 15 new schools in 2015. Peace Clubs will have an average membership of 30 per school and thus we will have a total of 750 peace buddies by the end of 2015. By the end of the 3- year campaign we plan to have 50 teachers trained as peace educators from 40 schools. Peace Clubs will have an average membership of 30 per school and thus we will have a total of 1200 peace buddies by the end of 2016. Teachers will acquire skills to stimulate & engage the interest of young people by using creative & experiential methods to teach the values of non-Violent Schools Campaign, supported by original materials which they'll use.