Organic Habitat

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Organic Habitat: Buildings, gardens & water features that work for people and planet

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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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We save natural resources by creating beautiful and ecological buildings, gardens & water features. On the other hand we use these projects to up-skill and develop independent sub-contractors capable of executing these projects reliably.

Thus creating a virtuous cycle of natural and human capital

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What if we can build beautiful buildings & gardens to help you save tons of carbon (entering the atmosphere) and water (wasted into sewages)?
About Project

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It is estimated that at current levels, we need 1.5 times the earth's resources to sustain humanity and that our development activities wipe out about 10,000 species every year. Most scientists agree that climate change and loss of bio-diversity are real threats to life on earth. We now need to find new ways of living and making our livelihoods that work for both people and the planet.

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Instead of attempting to create cultural & behaviour changes that mitigate climate change through govt. regulations, activism, scary facts, incentives etc that have so far met with little or no success - we help people create ecological buildings, gardens and water features (needs that they're already seeking conventional services for) and thus introduce them to ecological principles as well as help them take action in a practical and functional way that works for people and the planet. By training masons, gardeners and plumbers on these ecological building and landscaping projects, we also create a pool of skilled independent sub-contractors. Thus eventually solving the very reason why these services are not widely available today.