Playful Learning

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Playful Learning

Oslo - (with offices also in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden), NorwayOslo - (with offices also in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden), Norway
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for profit
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$1 million - $5 million
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"Playful TL-learning"
By introducing the concept of playful learning TL wants to change all the teachers mindset, preparing them for spending more of their teaching time being active together with the kids. By developing manuals with over hundreds of games tailor made for the different subjects, giving courses to teachers and by inspiring the principals of the schools, TL aims to provide the schools with fun tools in order to increase the activitiy level and learning outcome of the classes.

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TL introducing the concept of playful learning would change the mindset of teachers and principals all over Europe, so that kids being active wh
About Project

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends children to have 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Among nine year olds in Norway about 70% of girls and 86% of boys get this. Among 15 year olds, only 43% of girls and 58% of boys. We become less physically active with age. And at the same time, WHO argues that physical inactivity is about to be the future major health problem. In addition to reduced quality of life this will cause enormous health costs for society. Increasing levels of inactivity among both children and adults caused by the emergence of a "sedentary culture".

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Having started out with focusing on increasing the activity level during recess, TL is now taking one more step in introducing the concept of "playful learning" to the teachers at its more than 1000 member schools in Scandinavia. Playful learning means that playing and learning are not incompatible. On the contrary many studies confirm that we memorize and learn better during modest activity. TL works to make all the schools understand that "kids must be active to learn and learn to be active". By introducing the concept of playful learning TL wants to change all the teachers mindset, preparing them for spending more of their teaching time being active together with the kids. In this project the kids will take a bigger role in being responsible for their own learning and to some respect, also for other kids´ learning - and this will foster both creativity and empathy as well as basic teamwork skills, all of which are necessary for the growth of changemaking qualities.
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By using student leaders to model, facilitate, and encourage empathy, TL has jumpstarted the transformation of Scandinavian schools. 97% of TL staff note increased physical activity at recess; 69% feel that student conflict has decreased; and 90% feel that the program is highly effective. Beyond TL staff, as well, administrators, teachers, and even governments have been captivated by the program’s success. Since its founding in 2009, TL has grown to include more than 1000 schools in Scandinavia with inquiries coming from the UK and the Netherlands. As the program makes plans to expand into other countries, it also hopes to incorporate younger students and multicultural activities, to continue building its empathic network of changemakers, both students and schools.

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TL aims to be the biggest school program in Europe working on increasing the activity level during recess as well as during lessons, thus contributing to more active children, less conflicts and bullying, more empathy and teamwork skills.

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TL employs a fee-for-service model with three-year contracts and annual dues. In order to maintain a low fee, TL uses a school network model that links schools in the same geographic area to ensure the systematic and cost-effective scaling of the model. By integrating meetings of schools closely located together, TL’s scaling lowers costs for schools while promoting a domino effect of participation.

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There is no similar organization in Norway. 10 people work fulltime to follow up with the schools / courses / meetings and more. Not dependent on support from the state, more flexible organization towards changes and customizations. TL is a program that lasts

Founding Story

Having teachers for parents and bullies in school, Eide’s interest in human relationships and investment in the education system began at an early age. As a young adult, Eide worked as an athletic instructor for a non-profit expanding access to exercise and began to wonder whether there was a link between his background in physical activity promotion and bullying reduction. Deciding to take action, Eide created an anti-bullying lecture program, giving lectures to parents and DVDs for students, teachers, and schools. Having giving these lectures to more than 240 000 pupils across Norway, Eide also realized the potential of physical activity to simultaneously reduce conflicts and contributing to reducing bullying and promote healthy lifestyles. Introducing the concept of playful learning is now a natural step forward in his comitment to further improving the learning environment at schools all over Scandinavia.


The TL team consists of 17 full time employees, many of them being former PE teachers with many years of experience from schools, others being former web designers and people with long experience in administration.