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PREM PROJECT - NEED TRUST ( Bangalore): SAFE Homes for Children in conflict with Law

Bangalore, IndiaBangalore, India
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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There was a 336 per cent increase in child rape cases in the country between 2001 and 2013.Many of the child rapes was committed in juvenile justice homes run by the government. NCBR They have become India’s hellholes where inmates (Children) are sexually assaulted and there is SILENCE. why?

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We can responsibility to keep our KIDS -SAFE in Observation and children's home?
About Project

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It would not be an overstatement to state that “juvenile justice homes, established to provide care and protection as well as re-integration, rehabilitation and restoration of the juveniles in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection, have become India’s hellholes where inmates (Children) are subjected to sexual assault and exploitation. The girls remain the most vulnerable,” 11 out of 39 rape cases were from govt. homes.

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The project safe homes aims at developing the government institutions as model institutions with standards of care and protection in place as defined in the Juvenile Justice Act. Ensuring zero tolerance to Child Sexual Abuse and violence against Children. Assist in review of placement of children periodically, to examine family based options of rehabilitation.Institutionalization of children only a means for last resort. The intervention is to introduce the Co Management of the Homes for improving living conditions, improving standards of care and protection prevention of Abuse, vocational training, sports and games besides literacy and life skills. Restoration, rehabilitation and reintegration of the child to the functional family
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Treating Children as Children and not like an adult criminal.As a child they have dreams to study,learn a vocational skill,take up home responsibility,play games and make use of every bit of available time for mental,physical and social development.Hence it is important to introduce - Informal school let no child miss the education process -functional literacy. Motivate the child to take up exams and prepare for it Introduce vocational skill training within the home complex and set tangible targets for achievement.Follow up Initiate family based care for children initiated Value education at the weekends for the children organized. II HEALTH CARE 1. Distribution of nutritious for "way side school" cce

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The r intervention in observation homes and children's home should lead to a basic framework of operation in the Child Protection Sector, ensuring every child if ever enters the JJ system, is treated with care and compassion with all its Rights acknowledged and protected. Greater use of Diversion and Minimum institutionalization of children in observation homes will create a positive life long impact on the child.

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SAFE homes where no child will be abused but every child will come out as a different person,ready to be a responsible member of the family,community and society.

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I am looking at INGOs/ngos committed for Child rights, corporate sectors and foundations for initial support for five years and during such time we have an idea of building our own corpus fund to sustain in case of lack of funding. I need financial support to initiate the project and a long term commitment from the funding agency to see the impact and real transformation.

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The new concept i proposed is minimal institutionalization and promotion of Home based care. Diversion and restorative justice is the new concept that needs to be tried and tested. Working closely with the management of the homes to make the HOME SAFE.

Founding Story

I have visited number of homes in Madhya pradesh and was moved to hear the children tell me of how the keepers of the home huddle all the boys in one dormitory as if in a cage.As the lights go off the younger ones are pushed in the center and bigger boys sexually assaulted the younger kids.This happens night after one cares.The situation is similar in other homes to.Citing National Crime Records Bureau statistics, the latest report on child sexual assaults in India says 48,338 rape cases were reported during the decade. ‘India’s Hell Holes: Child Sexual Assault in Juvenile Justice Homes’ .This mess must STOP and I felt deep inside me to share the story and initiate the CHANGE.Our HOMES MUST BE SAFE FOR CHILDREN.


Christopher Anthony - (Child Protection specialist) -MSW Rita Thomas - Secretary NEED trust Patrick Kanikaraj - Social worker Rita Donald - Nursing Officer