Preparing Global Leaders Institute

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Preparing Global Leaders Institute

Skopje, MacedoniaAmman , Jordan
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Enlightened leadership generates development, secures peace, and lays the foundations for global prosperity. However, it is the gender diversity that procures the most noble forms of business, political, and social leadership. Preparing Global Leaders Institute serves as the incubator of all

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for one men leader there was one women leader, for one male employee there was one female employee, for one housewife there was one househusband
About Project

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There is an ever growing issue of political and economic instability around the globe as the world is growing bigger in population but shrinking in territory and resources for living. In the men-dominated arena, leaders fiercely compete for power while cautiously keeping women's potential locked, their voice suppressed, and the initiatives ignored. Employment opportunities for women are limited while their entrepreneurship endeavors discouraged.

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The paradigm of XXI century leadership must be changed. We could only hope for a better world and prosperous future if the leadership becomes more responsible and all-inclusive. Preparing Global Leaders Institute was conceived out of the tireless and passionate work of two young female entrepreneurs with the aim of multiplying entrepreneurs alike where they are much needed. Each year PGLI hosts participants from 5 continents with 40% of the participants coming from MENA countries. These participants, mostly girls, are invited to learn from and with their peers from the developed West and CEE/CIS, world leadership experts from Georgetown and Oxford as well as regional business leaders, politicians, and diplomats. It is a unique setting.
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Yara Nusair from Jordan was a PGLI 2012 participant. Upon returning home, she was encouraged to identify a problem and address it with our support and mentorship at her disposal. What she found missing in Jordan and the region per se was a leadership school like PGLI but she was hesitant if a 25 year student like her could pull this out. Jordan and Macedonia are different societies but the female leadership has been traditionally challenged in both. Yara already possessed an advanced leadership knowledge and practices acquired at PGLI; she only needed the network support and logistical tips that we as a team pledge to provide beyond the dates of the Institute. Preparing Global Leaders Academy was born in Amman just 7 months after PGLI.

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PGLI is not about the two-week program every August in Macedonia. It is envisioned to create leaders worldwide with a particular focus on empowering female youth and reducing conflict zones around the globe. The program is action-oriented and taught by leadership experts advising governments and kingdoms, ambassadors, politicians, business and civil society leaders. It fosters international cooperation when addressing common issues such as poverty, conflicts, social exclusion etc. The example of Yara is only one of the numerous impressive projects our alumni felt empowered to pursue after completion of PGLI. 40 other participants, 90% coming from the MENA countries, attended PGLA and started contributing at home.PGLI 2013 girls from Macedonia and Albania launched the "What Stops Us?"cross-border project to address the common issue of female exclusion in historically conflicted societies.

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PGLI commits the private sector in supporting its mission and work as this will eventually procure development, political stability, and economic growth. Donations from private companies and chambers of commerce keep arriving though these barely suffice for basic costs of accommodation and maintenance.There is a participation fee that usually local organization and universities pay on behalf of the participants.Amount depends on merit and country

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There are many leadership schools in Europe in particular, however, they are always focused on a particular area with the leadership mainly taught in its political terms. PGLI is open to everyone in the world that possess the motivation to contribute locally and internationally. Many summer schools such as those sponsored by governments also have a background political agenda to carry out during the course of the programs. PGLI is not affiliated with any political or governing body and its mission is to educate an unbiased and critical-thinking youth that will ultimately act objectively too.

Founding Story

It all started during an informal conversation with a former professor from Georgetown Sam Potolicchio, now named as one of the "Best Professors in America" by Princeton Review and Distinguished Professor at the Russian Presidential Academy. We had the know-how and passion, but the professor added to the trust in ourselves and our capacities. PGLI was simultaneously founded with PGLS in Moscow, with the only exception that we lacked a big support institution. The "Aha" moment arrived after the first week of the first PGLI. We saw an Iraqi participant waving the American flag, Russian girl dancing with Georgian guy, Albanian Kosovar singing Serbian songs and vice-versa. It was the most rewarding moment of our lives. The change was happening!


Is there any PGLI, PGLS, PGLA alumni participating in the contest? I would be happy to see some of your remarkable projects too; maybe we can team up eventually.