Prevention of human trafficking through girls education

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Prevention of human trafficking through girls education

Indramayu, Indonesia
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Indramayu, especialy Bongas village, is widely known as the supplier of sex workers for many big cities. Many young girls were brought by their own fathers to work in Jakarta's prostitution places. These young girls were only graduated from the Elementary School since there was no Junior High School

About Project

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Young girls with only elementary education and with no skills to work are prone to be pushed by the family to work as sex workers in big cities. The did not have enough skills to work in other sectors. The girls could not continue their education since there was no higher education facility available in Bongas village, and they could not resist the quest of the family for economic reason.

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YKB has facilitated an informal Junior High School facility in Bongas by mobilizing local resources to offer higher education for the young girls so they could escape from human trafficking. YKB has contacted the village chairperson to use available public facility as class room after the working hours. YKB has recruited potential local people to be trained as teachers. YKB has also motivated the parents to participate as community volunteers to ensure the continuity of educational process.
Impact: How does it Work

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YKB team has advocated this plan to local people who were concerned with the problems among local young girls. Through this advocacy YKB team has assisted the birth of a local foundation with the name of Yayasan Kusuma Bongas, that will manage the informal school. The foundation became the extension of YKB in Indramayu. The informal school uses the formal curriculum for Junior High School so the students are eligible for national examination. Currently the informal school has graduated 210 alumni and most of them have worked at the nearby factories. They were saved from the traditional human trafficking.

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YKB team together with Yayasan Kusuma Bongas have submitted formal request to the District Educational Office of Indramayu to consider the informal school as one of the benefactors for district annual educational developmental fund. Since 2010 the district office has listed the informal school as the receiver of the district educational subsidy though it is still not enough for operational cost of the school. YKB has collaborated with other international organizations to get supports for this program. YKB is also proposing to establish an informal Senior High School in Bongas to accommodate the alumni.

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YKB will continue to advocate the district educational office of Indramayu to provide educational subsidy for the informal Junior High School.

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Basically, this program is the only one in Indonesia to prevent human trafficking through education for young girls who are the potential victims of human trafficking.

Founding Story

In 2003, YKB has collaborated with Atmajaya University studying the push and pull factors for young girls in Indramayu who worked as sex workers in Jakarta. This study was assisted under the grant of ILO. The study found that majority of young sex workers from Indramayu got only elementary education and they did not have skills to work in other sectors. The reason for this low education was that there was no higher education facility in Bongas. Most of them claimed that if there was a higher education facility, they would prefer to stay home and continue their education. YKB has responded to the study finding by establishing an informal Junior High School in Bongas village.


YKB will continue to assist young girls of Bongas to reach their dream without working in the prostitution places. They have to work hard in eliminating the stigma of Bongas as the traditional supplier of prostitutes. YKB certainly needs lots of assistance in working together with local people of Bongas.