Primary Pupils' Support for Drop outs

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Primary Pupils' Support for Drop outs

Kampala, Uganda
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be published, improved to ensure it caters for all pupils in the world. Information must be collected, Other volunteers from different parts of the world must be given permission to enter data from their respective countries. I need developers to help me improve this database, i need financiers to help me collect data in my country Uganda.

About Project

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There are many pupils that drop out in primary school, but none knows or cares about where they go. Many people say they are already failures in life. Nobody cares to know how they make of their life and yet they are the parents of tomorrow,leaders of tomorrow.

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I have created a management information system that will capture all the data for all children in primary schools where they stay, who the guardians, their current status and all necessary information that will be published on the internet for people to know and see their condition. this will act as a way of finding support for them in the whole country.
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Design a management information system, Capture data for primary pupils, publish the information online, update the information from time to time. Link them to vocational institutions that can give them skills for empowerment.

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In Uganda one primary school starts with 300 pupils in primary one and ends with 50 pupils in primary seven. So about 250 pupils drop out on the way. These become victims of failures, that seem to be less important to society. No institution has tried to find a solution for this problem and no one cares about where they go after that. so I want people to begin caring about these pupils.