Promoting Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management in urban

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Promoting Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management in urban

Gondar, EthiopiaGondar, Ethiopia
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
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The provision of basic sanitation services represents a continuing challenge throughout Sub-Saharan African countries like Ethiopia. Solid Waste Management Service is one of the major city services that town or city governments are expected to provide their residents.

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Sustainability of solid waste management is poor...
About Project

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Solid waste management is a critical component of providing basic sanitation services and reducing environmental health threats to communities and other livestock. It is a consequence of day-to-day activity of humankind, needs to be managed properly. Town in north Gondar like other towns in developing countries faces problems associated with poorly managed solid waste operation. The annual cost of solid waste management is projected to rise.

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Pollution prevention, source reduction and management remain the first considerations of ISWM system that allows community, private /or government organization, managers at all levels to make systematic waste diversion or disposal decisions based on a more refined environmental management hierarchy. Solid waste managers must stay informed about reuse opportunities, composting technologies, recyclable commodities markets, and understand how to reduce solid waste management costs. ISWM is comprehensive approach to managing non-hazardous solid waste that encompasses waste prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal programs in appropriate way and place.
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 Improved skill on comprehensive integrated solid waste management plan and system  Established organizational ISWM information, education, communication system  Implemented solid waste management culture in the organizations and residential  Develop and implement CISWM recording and reporting system  Develop organizational CISWM action plan for proper waste management services  Developed awareness on the importance of CISWM at community and organizational level  Developed knowledge and skill on comprehensive integrated solid waste management at Selected North Gondar communities. Equipped community with knowledge and skills to implement ISWM  Equipped waste handlers with personal protective equipment

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 Established waste management committee in the living and working environment  Waste handlers will use on locally made available waste loader instead of carrying on their back  Develop knowledge and skills how to keep the sanitation of the living and working environment  Develop knowledge on disease borne from improper waste management  Established linkage with local and international Non-governmental organizations  Increased Proportion of waste handlers given follow up & education

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Before implementation of projects, efforts will be made to create real demand on proposed projects from the community side. Community contribution and sense of ownership will be enhanced for the sustainability of projects during execution of projects at various stages. The capacitated CBOs, municipality offices, village hygiene communicators and care takers groups will have full authority in order to operate, manage and promote solid waste mgt.

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The planned project will be implemented as per the standard. Based on the outcomes obtained, economic, social, environmental and technological sustainability of the project will be maintained /ensured by providing continuous support and assistance to comprehensive integrated solid waste management services. Also based on the impact if it is effective in prevention and reduction of solid waste exposure it will be scaled up to other rural and urban areas. Expansion to other areas will be done in collaborating with Governmental and Non- governmental organizations and Linking to project program.

Founding Story

In many developing countries solid waste management has become a serious challenge. High urbanization rates and changes in the life styles and steady rise in living standards have resulted in the increase of solid waste both in type and volume. ISWM is based on the concept that all aspects of a waste management system (technical and non-technical) should be analysed together, since they are in fact inter-related and developments in one area frequently affect practices or activities in another area. Community participation in SWM is the key to a sustainable and integrated project. In our rapidly urbanizing global society,solid waste management will be a key challenge facing all the world's cities.This is problem in Ethiopia and North Gondar


This is a good initiative that i can understand and tried design to mitigate the public health problems raised form improper solid waste management.