Publishing a book: Open That Box!

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Publishing a book: Open That Box! : Open That Box – 8 Steps To Unleash Creativity In Your Organization

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Open That Box - – 8 Steps To Unleash Creativity In Your Organization is a how-to book that guides any type of organization such as small medium enterprises or volunteer groups towards a more cohesive, motivated and creative team working towards a common goal.

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What if employee in every organization is motivated, creative and happy to do what they do at work?
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I am a trainer in creativity, problem solving and employability skills. Most of my students are from the lower income bracket in the society. After learning , they will be motivated to put it to use but their workplaces and managers are not responding to them. After a while, the level of enthusiasm of the students will die due to lack of management support and things will remain the way it is.

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I would like to bring the same knowledge I gave to my students, to their management team via this book. This book is to guide management team of any organization in a step by step process towards improving their working culture, an environment where there are constant flow of ideas, which will require the application of idea generation and problem solving techniques. Picture this; After my learners completed the class, they will go back to their organization to begin applying their new found knowledge. With mgmt support, the employee will be more motivated to contribute. Increase contribution may lead to better financial standing. Employee gets financial rewards for contribution, elevating his income bracket and the cycle continues
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A little preview of the profile of my students; low income, sometimes single parents, low and at times no education, attending upgrading programmes with the intention of improving their lives. The book is targeted at management levels. The book will provide them;step by step process to create a creative work culture and a case study of an ex-student who got motivated after his manager applied some of the idea generation techniques that he learnt in the class, and how the company gained increased participation from the staff in bringing new solutions to the ground.