Raising Free Ranged Organic Fed Chicken

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Raising Free Ranged Organic Fed Chicken : Spreading Organic Agriculture for Good Health and Good Environment

Butuan City, PhilippinesButuan City, Philippines
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Chicken is one of the most favorite meat foods all over the world and is a common fowl found in the backyards of most rural households. It serve as a cheap source of animal protein through their meat and eggs.
Raising chicken this way is cost-efficient, healthy and are sustainable food source.

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What if Free Ranged Organic Fed Chicken is a way to reduce carbon footprints in the atmosphere?
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Climate Change and Global Warming intensifies hunger and poverty, according to a UN Report. This condition worsened the already deteriorating family values, poor health, and low level of education, exploitation of women and domestic violence. There is now the need to introduce positive intervention to a negative situation by setting up livelihood projects that are sustainable, to educate young and old on ecological awareness.

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Today, people have become more health conscious with regards to the food they are going to eat as reports claim that preservatives can endanger our health. Free ranged organic chicken are raised to have healthier lives hence their chicken meat and eggs are free of steroids, antibiotics and any other additives that are used in the conventional poultry . This kind of livelihood project is also a good source for women livelihood as they can be grown at the backyard and is cost- efficient. This can help women augment their income and can cater to the heightening problem on hunger and poverty.


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