The Hanoi RUBIC Education Resource Center Project

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The Hanoi RUBIC Education Resource Center Project

Hanoi, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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The RUBIC Center Project aims to enhance the capacity of parents, educators and the community to provide better care and services for children with special needs, through the creation of an open-access space for learning and sharing knowledge and experiences in special education and related fields

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About Project

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The lack of information and knowledge in special education is a significant barrier to the delivery of educational services for students with physical, mental or behavioral difficulties in Vietnam. It leads to unawareness of the problem in the community and limited resources to address it. Inadequate resources for professionals also greatly affects the quality of their training and inhibits the expansion of the workforce in the field.

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The RUBIC Center Project is inspired by our beliefs that increased knowledge and awareness is integral to driving sustainable changes in the capacity to provide better educational services for our children. The center will be an open space for parents, educators and the community to meet, learn and share knowledge of critical issues in special education. It provides physical and digital access to books and materials in education and related fields, along with educational supplies and equipment available for on-site reference or borrowing. To encourage and assist the use of resources, we offer complementary services such as book discussion, training and speaker programs on selected topics.


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During the first stage of the project (first 3 months), we will collect materials (books, periodicals, etc) and establish the RUBIC Center, located in Hanoi (Vietnam). Parents, educators and the general community will have free on-site access to these resources and borrowing. We encourage and assist users to learn, apply, and share the knowledge and experiences gained from these resources by holding monthly book discussion and training sessions. Finally, we organize public speaker programs on critical issues in education and special education and other activities to raise awareness in the community about these issues.

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Our anticipated results are: - Establishment of the RUBIC Center with 1000 books/materials and 5 computers for online resources, serving 30-50 weekly visitors and 50 registered users - Translation of 2 essential books from English to Vietnamese. - Monthly events: small-group book discussion (5-10 participants/session), skill training sessions for parents led by professionals (15-20 participants/session) speaker programs on selected topics (30-50 participants). - Weekly events: Art classes for children with special need (10-15 children/session)

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Our project will improve accessibility and quality of learning and teaching resources in special education and related fields for parents, educators and the community, which has the potential to translate into enhanced capacity to provide better care and educational services. It will also cultivate and foster the ability of next generations of professionals to enrich their knowledge and skills through self-learning and researching. Finally, increased awareness in the community will pave the way for future effort at community and state level to address critical challenges in special education.

Founding Story

The RUBIC Center Project is run by the RUBIC Club for children with autism (RUBIC). Our group was founded in 2013 by a group of students in Hanoi (Vietnam) who, despite our diverse personal and professional backgrounds, share a deep compassion for the challenges faced by individuals with autism and their families. Inspired by our initial achievements in the past 2 years, the RUBIC Center project is our effort to create meaningful and sustainable impacts on the larger community of individuals with physical, behavioral and cognitive needs.