Rural farming Supporting Project in south Galkacyo

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Rural farming Supporting Project in south Galkacyo: modern farming with Cost-efective irrigation technology

Gaalkacyo, SomaliaGaalkacyo, Somalia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Poor & ancient farming techniques together with absence of cost-effective irrigation technologies and full dependency on rain fed farming which sometimes fails for two successive seasons has caused poor crop production, food insecurity and discouraged farmers to continue agricultural industry production.

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The rural agricultural community support project aims to identify and address the causes as well as underlying consequences of poor & low rural crop production in south Mudug settlements through provision of capacity building of both introducing new and yet productive/high yield farming techniques(use of 4-Biston-twined treadle pressure pump) & cooperative management skills together with saving model as well as provision of kick start farming inputs (seeds and accessories) together with cost effective irrigation tools for 30 women farmer’s cooperatives composing 25 women each. Local youth groups has been for first time been introduced the technicality to make treadle pump in Central Somalia to also create jobs/link the market