Rural farming Supporting Project in south Mudug

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Rural farming Supporting Project in south Mudug: modern farming with Cost-efective irrigation technology

Galkacyo, SomaliaGalkacyo, Somalia
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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.The conflict in Somalia & its subsequent consequences such as displacement, insecurity and poverty had negatively impacted the lives of Somali people & particularly women. As men have been drawn into the conflict women have been left with no choice but to take the lead in fending for their families

About Project

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Poor & ancient farming techniques together with absence of cost-effective irrigation technologies and full dependency on rain fed farming which sometimes fails for two successive seasons has caused poor crop production, food insecurity and discouraged farmers to continue agricultural industry production.

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The rural agricultural community support project aims to identify and address the causes as well as underlying consequences of poor & low rural crop production in south Mudug settlements through provision of capacity building of both introducing new and yet productive/high yield farming techniques(use of 4-Biston-twined treadle pressure pump) & cooperative management skills together with saving model as well as provision of kick start farming inputs (seeds and accessories) together with cost effective irrigation tools for 30 women farmer’s cooperatives composing 25 women each

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project is self-sustaining initiative and will only require initial investment cost. The cooperative system & new electronic group/individual savings model adaptation will allow the groups to grow and expand their yield level and link to export with percentage saving allocated for running and maintenance

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There is a high demand for cash crops production in central Somalia together with marketing skills of groups improved to link their business with regional and international markets by also introducing canning technologies for tomatoes and other related products to allow to have better market opportunities

Founding Story

Women in Somalia form the vast majority of Somalia population, in post-civil war era; women have turned the sole bread winners of their families but through very low occupation and income, therefore the project intends to fill the gap encountered by resource poor women farmers and access to appropriate and costs effective farming and irrigation systems that run throughout the year to revive their income, dignity and social contributions to community and Mudug farm industry production back on track.


About WISE Found on June 10th 2010, the initiative of forming this organization primarily came from women who live in the Diaspora but recently returned to the country. The girls who are the masterminds of this important innovation are new in the country but they found relentless support & encouragement from girls in the country particularly the young girls. This group main aim is to cultivate and consolidate the uncultivated women ideas