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SB Business Consultancy: SB Business Consultancy

Windhoek, NamibiaNamibia, Namibia
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Author of the Book New MONEY MASTERS under theme African Wealth series, that share the journey of a young African Entrepreneur, through the trials of corruption, illiteracy and other disadvantages. Sharing ideas of change and hope, confidence and faith to build a stronger African Economy.

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stories of success was not shared?
About Project

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How do we deal with corruption, resource curse and other factors that holds our economic potential hostage?

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We share our stories and build a reference point where new Entrepreneurs can learn 'what not to do' when they are building wealth and business. By systemically exposing danger situations that are product of the wrong business practices.
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A young entrepreneur walks into a board room, the gentlemen sitting opposite ask him to be part of a business initiative that will require him to deliver a brown envelope with money to a politician that is awarding a tender to secure a bid. He does so, the next morning he gets a call from detectives that arrest him on suspicion of corruption and bribing an official. The gentlemen that asked Him to do it is no where to be found, He now has to face the justice system without the ability to afford lawyers He will spend time behind bars, simply because He did not know, my book deals with these various scenarios and how entrepreneurs can avoid being victims by committing wrong business practices.

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The book has and will educate many Entrepreneurs on what and what not to do when starting a business in Africa.

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The general theme of the topic is to encourage and motivate upcoming entrepreneurs by sharing the experiences of Mr Sylvanie in the world of finance. The core problem that the presentation will address is that many entrepreneurs are caught in a cycle of failing because they are busy with business strategies that do not yield results. The objective of the book is to usher in the new money master. It will deal with real issues and warnings to entrepreneurs and business people alike on what not to do while they are building their fortune.

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To create more clients through market

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There are very few consultants that have written books in Africa about success, money and wealth generation. Although there are many consultants that help people in develop business, the book gives me a competitive edge.

Founding Story

On a Teusday morning I got a call from a detective from the National Anti-Corruption Commission, to come in for a intorigation. When I arrived there I was faced with series of question relating to a business deal that went wrong few months ago and why my name was on a specific document, after 3 hours of intorigation I was allowed to go through. Walking out of the detective room, I was emotionally broken, I felt betrayal from people that I trusted that used be to be part of a project that was illegal. This and many other factors prompted me to write the book New Money Masters, to share my story and help others avoid making the same mistakes I made.